Swing States: We Need You to Save Us from Trump

Swing States: We Need You to Save Us from Trump September 27, 2016
Ok, my dear friends in swing states (looking at you, North Carolina), I need to ask you take one for the team here. Dems mostly gonna Dem, Reps mostly gonna Rep, but then there’s the folks figuring this out that are going to make the difference. We need you to pull us back from the precipice. We can find our way through a lot, but I don’t think we can afford four years of chaos before we get our bearings back. So I’m asking you: hold your nose if you have to, lie about it at Thanksgiving dinner if you must, but please, for the love of all, please vote for Hillary.
Look, I’ve never been a Hillary fan, but my voting has come down to this: one of those two people on that stage last night will be our next president.

Clinton Brings More to the Table

I know HRC isn’t perfect. To be more specific: I’m voting for her despite the fact that this will ensure four more years of apartheid oppression of Palestinians, continued over-extension of US military powers, and, no doubt, unaccountable malfeasance by large banks. I have grave concerns.
Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 1.40.25 PM
But, Clinton knows how to be a diplomat. The US will collaborate with its allies and will be less likely to enter renegade warfare situations with her at the helm.
Clinton has worked for opening access to healthcare and will work to see that we continue moving toward healthcare as a basic right rather than an earned ($$) privilege.
Clinton will know what she’s talking about, she will say what she actually means, and she will follow through on her proposals.
Clinton understands that there are systemic issues that have to be dealt with if we want to address the racial issues that have flared up in our country over the past several years.
Clinton is stronger than Trump. To stand in front of 100 million people and say she made a mistake about the email server, to take responsibility for her problematic advocacy of the war on crime, those things take real strength. If you can’t stand still while another person finishes their own sentences you are too weak a human being to be threading the needle on delicate global diplomacy and decisions about life and death, war and peace.

Trump Stands Firmly On His Record

If Trump runs the country like he runs his business (his claim to qualification for office):
  • many of the jobs he creates will not be remunerated
  • the money brought in will be funneled to his personal wealth and payment of his own debts, not put back into the country (seriously, if he treats the presidency like his business we will have financial corruption like we have never seen before in this country)
  • the country will find itself so much further underwater than it is now that he’ll be looking for how we can declare bankruptcy—the US will be the new Greece
  • the country will fail, he’ll ditch it, and go start a new venture without a second thought
I’m not saying this is what will actually happen to the US, but I am saying that DJT is running for US presidency based on his record as a businessman. This his record as a businessman.Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 1.36.16 PM
If he follows through on his bravado we will repeat the human rights violations which were our WW2 interment camps, we will be religiously profiling Muslins and probably scapegoating them in ways both hidden from most of us and open to plain sight. Another way to put this is that Trump would be disregarding the Constitution and the individual liberties it protects.
His economic policy is based on the idea that if you give wealthy people more money that will he great for poor people. The 80s don’t judge this position with favor. Also, side note: income inequality is increasing. That means, in part, rich people are getting more money but… wait for it… it’s not trickling down to the poor people in the economy. And it’s not trickling down to the lower-middle class, either.
Based on economics, international relations, US civil liberties, and leadership Trump would be a disaster. Trump has all the credentials to “Make America Greece Again,” except that we never were.
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