Leadership is Not a Checklist

Leadership is Not a Checklist May 27, 2014


Leading is not making sure you have covered your bases, checked all your boxes. There is always something more.

Leadership is about relationships, not rules.  People can help you become the leader you have the potential to be, but they cannot give you a one-page process to master leadership in a few steps.

You need to be strong to become a leader. You need to be willing to learn from your mistakes.

There is no checklist to being a leader, no chart, no map. Leadership is new each day, several times a day.

You need to pay attention to become a leader. There is often no time to check and make sure you have the right answer.

Leadership is more about asking good, insightful questions than checking things off your list.

Leaders put their values into practice. Their leadership comes from their own true selves, from deep within. There is no reference list they can check to make sure you are doing it well. They know themselves. When they practice someone else’s truth, they learn from their mistakes.

When I lead by practicing my own core values, the fire in my heart grows brighter and warmer. When I try to be someone else, part of that fire is extinguished.

It can be a challenge to learn to lead without a checklist. The things that frustrate you, scare you, make you angry can seem more real when you let the checklist fall from your hands. You realize that leadership really is about relationships, not rules.

I help people learn to lead as if relationships matter. The relationship between us encourages the flame to grow brighter and provide more heat.

Who helps ignite the flame of your leadership?

Do you lead without a checklist?

How do you practice your core values?

[Image by Mufidah Kassalias]

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