“I left feeling inspired and confident”

“Greg was my spiritual director for over 4 years.  When it came to making big decisions around career or important relationships, he always knew the right thing to say, and how to say it, so that I left feeling inspired and confident about how to proceed.  With Greg I felt safe to surface any concern or topic with him, knowing I wouldn’t be judged or steered in a way that conflicted with my values, and trusting his keen insights into professional or personal matters. I highly recommend him for any spiritual direction, or non-profit coaching situation. My life and career would not be as enjoyable and meaningful without his guidance.”

-Chris W.

“Greg has the gift of listening well”

“Over several years working with Greg, I always appreciated his ability to ask questions that cut right to the heart of my priorities, even (especially!) if I wasn’t yet aware of what my priorities were. As a coach, Greg has the gift of listening well before he speaks; he helped me craft my own solutions to a problem based on my own unique strengths and style, rather than coming in with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Greg’s support, patience, and calm demeanor were a blessing to our team over the years he worked with us. Greg always began by listening; only then would he respond to ask insightful questions that cut past the details right to the heart.

…Within a ministry team, Greg helped each of us feel that our voice was valued, and encouraged us each to explore our unique gifts, talents, and style. He helped our staff honestly and supportively evaluate our past efforts, refine our vision, and use that information to freely explore new possibilities with every project that came up.”

-Julie B.

“Helping us to discern where our gifts could be put to best use”

“Greg Richardson has been incredibly helpful to us in our ministry, both in the local church and also through CFDM, the Christian non-profit we co-direct…

…Given Greg’s background in law and business, especially his experience with non-profit ministries, Greg was a natural to join our Board of Directors for CFDM, where he served as Chair of the Board for three years from 2003-2006. In this way we got to experience first hand Greg’s skills as a Ministry Management Coach. He helped us to develop our five year strategic plan, and then to revise it in light of new experience and contexts.

As we have experienced Greg is several contexts, and over time, we would say that he is tremendously insightful and creative. He has the ability to ask the right questions at the right times and thus has become one of the wiser and more discerning friends and partners in our lives and ministries. He has great analytical ability and listening skills…

Greg has saved us countless hours of frustration by helping us to discern where our gifts could be put to best use and where we needed outside help in accomplishing our goals. He helped us to see just the kind of strategic plan that would suit us and the ministry we envisioned.”

-Dr. Douglas H. Gregg, President Christian Formation & Direction Ministries

“Outstanding in helping others put vision and voice together”

“I have known Greg as a parish development leader and a meticulous strategist who understands both the needs of the organization and the vital resources of the people.  He is outstanding in helping others put vision and voice together.  In groups he is an excellent listener who also knows how and when to influence the conversation to accomplish shared goals.”

-The Rev. Stuart Swann, Parish Priest

“[Greg’s mentoring aided me in] deciphering the direction I wanted my life to go and focusing my efforts on getting me there.”

“I worked with Greg Richardson in a mentoring/tutoring organization for two years while I was doing Master’s work. Greg, as the Vice President, was the one who worked directly with the mentors to help them work together more productively and efficiently.

He was not only able to quickly pinpoint the source(s) of conflict, but was able to implement necessary measures to help the team members work through their conflict in a healthy and meaningful way.

…Through Greg’s non-directive approach to mentoring, I soon learned that what felt like a friendship was actually a very powerful aid in not only bettering myself in the moment but also in deciphering the direction I wanted my life to go and focusing my efforts on getting me there.”

-Rowan M.