Organizational Coaching & Consulting

It takes hard work to begin and establish an effective organization. We have very good reasons for doing all that work.

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It can be easy, though, for organizations, profit and nonprofit, to get distracted. Even when we start out with a clear understanding of our reasons, there is so much that needs to be done every day. Organizations attract and recruit new people to join, and they may not have the same understanding we had at the beginning. We get distracted by the How? and How Soon? and forget about the Why?

Organizations get caught up in all the urgent things that needs to be done immediately. Organizations can forget the value of reflection, of listening, of taking time.

A good coach can help an organization remember Why? A good coach can help an organization, and the people in it, resolve conflicts, take deep breaths, and remember what is important.

The best way to start is to talk with me. I connect with people in person as well as on FaceTime or Skype. Let me know, and we can get started.