Greg Richardson


My name is Greg Richardson, and I am the Strategic Monk.

I am a certified spiritual life mentor and coach. My own journey has taken me beyond focusing on finding the correct answers to asking deeper questions, from being burdened with responsibilities and expectations to spending time in the presence of deeper reality. As my path continues to open before me, I follow time tested practices for not missing the point.

I was brought up to be strategic. Life was about finding the right answer; at school, at church, at home. My purpose was to discover accurate, tangible truth. I went to school for a long time, and practiced law as a criminal prosecutor. I searched for justice, for truth, for the right answers.

As I searched, however, it dawned on me that I was asleep to myself, to the person I could become.

I began to wake up as I recognized that while I had information about many things, there was little that I knew. I saw that it was not only that I did not do what I wanted to do. What I wanted was not something I considered. I did not really know myself very well. I began to explore myself and the world around me. I came to see that the value of asking questions was deeper than the value of finding answers.

My life and spirituality became more contemplative. I discovered new ways of reflecting, of exploring. My contemplative life led me to a group of Benedictine monks in Big Sur, California. 

Now I help other people explore the depth in themselves. People come to me with questions about spirituality, questions about leadership, questions about organizations. I help them take the risks of looking deeper, of translating their deep truths into everyday life.

I look forward to getting to know you and working together. I connect with people in person as well as on FaceTime or Skype. Let me know, and we can get started.