Living in Darkness

Living in Darkness December 3, 2016


We are people living in a world of deep darkness, looking for light.

The darkness is all around us, seeping into how we live our lives and see ourselves. Some of us are afraid of the darkness and refuse to acknowledge its presence. The darkness makes some of us feel tired and frustrated. We want to stay in bed wrapped in blankets. Maybe the darkness will go away.

A few of us try to lash out against the darkness, but it silently absorbs all our efforts.

We do not remember where the darkness came from, nor when it started. It becomes harder and harder to recall what life was like before the darkness arrived. When we try to work or play, hazardous obstacles hidden by the darkness block our way.

We do not know what to do about the darkness, or how we will live another day in it. The darkness drains our energy and destroys our hope. Some of us work to bring the darkness to an end. People try to create new technologies or new laws to overcome the power of the darkness. Others have decided to sit and wait to find out what will happen. None of us really knows what to do to clear away the darkness.

The darkness around us hides more than just walls and obstacles. The darkness makes it harder for us to recognize each other, or recognize our own true selves. There are deep, essential truths about life and the world we cannot see because of the darkness.

There are no technological or legal fixes to solve the problem of the darkness. The only way to overcome the darkness is for each of us to open our eyes and step into the light.

What keeps you living in darkness?

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