I’m On the Radio Today! …Run For Your Lives!

I’m On the Radio Today! …Run For Your Lives! April 26, 2014

Having a face made for radio’s bad enough. But since I’ve got a Lina Lamont-pitched speaking voice to go along with it, there really aren’t a whole lot of mediums left. (Hence, a blog.)

Still, despite what I just said, I’m on the radio this weekend, courtesy of the great generosity (and, perhaps, suspect prudence) of Deal Hudson and his “Church and Culture” show on Ave Maria Radio. The program’s two hours long, running from 2:00PM to 4:00PM EDT this afternoon and again from 7:00AM to 9:00AM tomorrow morning. (I think I’m only on for one hour of each segment, but I’m not sure which one, come to think of it…)

Here’s the link. YMMV. (Remember: I know just enough to be dangerous.)

We’re talking about movies, of course. And why I can never get enough of them. Great fun. For me, at least. Also, I just realized this is actually becoming a bit of a thing with Deal. He’s the guy who published my first official review, as well. So, this “Movie Writing” habit is all his fault, really.

In addition to the two opportunities you’ve got to think better of it before subjecting yourself to my (sadly) un-EarlJones-ish tones. And it will appear in the archives thereafter, to my (I fear) unending shame.

Truthfully, I’m too terrified to listen.  Partially because my speaking voice is so Lamont-y, but mostly because I’m afraid of what I might have actually said. Thinking isn’t really my think. Thinking on my feet, even less so. And thinking on my feet while a microphone’s running? Nope. Somebody’s going to have to tell me what I said.


(Seriously, though, it was great fun. Even if I DO wish my voice wasn’t so squeaky.)

Attribution(s): “On Air” photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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