Grace upon grace upon grace . . .

Grace upon grace upon grace . . . January 15, 2006

Was it a mere two weeks ago that I was using this forum to whine about a few things that had gone wrong in worship?

Well, then, it seems only appropriate for me to report here that today, well, today was really, really good. By really, really good, here’s what I mean:

  • The sound system worked
  • The hymns were the kind that make you want to close your eyes and sing
  • There were a lot of visitors
  • The choir sounded great
  • The sanctuary appeared to be, if not full, then at least populated in a way that suggested a healthy congregation
  • We had participation from several very talented members in really creative ways
  • We publicly recognized the contributions of a very dear family in our congregation
  • People laughed at my jokes (no, this does not happen every week)
  • When I looked out over the congregation I felt love and gratitude for these, my companions on the journey of faith

There was just a good feeling in the air, the kind of sense that God really was there and we did not have to search too much to recognize that fact.

These Sundays are good to have every once in awhile because, as you know, there are some Sundays in which all of these things do not happen and the sense that God is really there takes a while longer to kick in.

Yes, Sundays like today are grace for the preacher. Grace meaning, of course, the unmerited favor of God.

Today was especially so . . . grace upon grace upon grace . . . . Thanks be to God.

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