Gray April 24, 2006

The sky was gray today. In the middle of a heart-achingly beautiful springtime filled with cherry blossoms and dappled sunlight, today the sky was flat, slate, gunmetal gray.

The gray dulled the light so that everything looked a little subdued. As I made my way to the hospital I dodged in-between the raindrops, all the while watching the sky for the coming deluge.

Even inside the hospital I noticed the gray. Gray halls with what seemed like miles of gray tile stretching out down the hallways. When I got to the morgue all I saw was gray. Shiny gray gurneys, big, swinging gray cooler doors. Gray, gray, gray.

And when I left the hospital the sky opened. Gray, all gray as far as the eye could see. Gray sky and gray raindrops, God crying.

Goodbye, Allie. Rest in peace.

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