Girls Misbehaving

Girls Misbehaving August 25, 2008

Sorry for the provocative, slightly inappropriate title.  Couldn’t resist.

“Women who behave rarely make history” was something Laurel Ulrich said.  I can’t imagine why, but several people have given me gifts with that very slogan printed on them . . . . 

Anyway, this was the phrase that kept coming to mind as I studied the lectionary text from Exodus last week and began preparing the sermon.  The text was the lead-up to Moses in a basket on the Nile, but it first told the story of five women who were distinctly subversive in the decisions they made to act against violence and death.  I wondered in my sermon what God might be calling little people like you and me to do?  Living faith is surely not passive and benign–it involves misbehaving . . . standing up to great powers that oppress and marginalize people.

The whole story was told so much more effectively with Caroline Armijo’s art for this week.  She is astounding.  Check out the five women of Exodus on our altar: two Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah; Moses’ mother Jocheved; Moses’ sister Miriam; and Pharaoh’s daughter, the princess of Egypt.  Be sure to visit Caroline’s blog to see her video explaining her project for this week.

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