What To Look For In a Spiritual Or Magical Organization

What To Look For In a Spiritual Or Magical Organization January 25, 2018
Image from Pixabay.
Image from Pixabay
Recently I posted a list of red flags to look for in spiritual and magical orders and organizations, as in, what NOT to look for.

Today I will post a things to actually look for. Peachy, huh? Emphasis on the positive! Here we go!

  1. Leaders who willingly admit that they don’t know something. Hey, that’s awesome! No one knows everything, and I like those who are in a position to teach and/or lead and are willing to admit shortcomings.
  2. Friendly group egregore. In short, people who get along, act like family, and not just a bunch of whiny kids all trying to get grade badges or titles.
  3. Groups that demonstrate fruits of their labors. Are their members and/or leaders writing books? Blogging? Are they giving back to their local communities somehow? If the group is big enough, this question can be answered. Otherwise you can see what people who are involved with have done with their lives and themselves, and for those around them to the best of their ability.
  4. Leaders who have patience with newbies. Hey, we were all Neophytes and newbies once, right? If you get beaten up with responses like “That information is above your GRADE, Frater/Soror!!!” (depending on the tone, obviously) and make you feel like an idiot for asking questions, that’s not a good teacher. Go for the ones who have patience and actually want to teach you.
  5. Honesty. Go for ones who will say things to you like “The reason why we don’t teach that above your grade/degree level is due both to relevance to the initiation and a desire not to overwhelm you with too much information” or any such reasonable response such as that, but won’t be afraid to answer your questions the best they can. Which leads me to…
  6. Leaders who have a sense of humor about themselves, their path, and the group. Yes, maintaining the group is important. The path is important. Everyone’s important. Just don’t take yourself or anything too seriously. Laughter is good!
  7. Leaders who aren’t afraid of differences of opinion, and encourage questioning of authority. Debates are NOT the same thing as arguing.
  8. Leaders who do not want nor demand blind followers, but want to be and encourage being questioned.


Feel free to add anything I’ve missed. I’ve tried to stay away from any one type of group, path, tradition, or teaching in this list.
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  • I still think that group-joining is more for drug-abuse, crimes-to-plan, or sexual orgies. Still you listed a number of helpful hints, and I appreciate that. My personal problem was that only the not-exactly-sane ones babbled about Wicca and their covens. I found all life lessons outmatch what a handful of minds can easily plan, and deliver. Just as you noted, the good teachers know beforehand that each of us makes the own experiences & decisions. And your hermetic example… Could it be that you look female and they are actually one more gay-elitist ‘lodge or order’? There is no spiritual significance in lacking social skills after all.

    One witch who admits about it, and likes books, is Christina. Maybe you enjoy this: https://darkbooks.org/collection/authors.html

    Only personal work file I still consider rewriting, if more comes along & reality agrees on it:


    I admit that ‘horrid grammar & prose’ do spoil some readability, but that file was not about making friends or scoring customers. Blessed be.

  • Scarlet Magdalene

    “And your hermetic example… Could it be that you look female and they are actually one more gay-elitist ‘lodge or order’?”

    I’m a cis gendered female, so I’m not sure what’s up with your “looking female” comment. I’ve also made my gender identity pretty clear throughout my article and my posts.

  • Sorry for sloppy translation. It is not about you. Older hermetic groups were mostly ‘secret gay meetings’, hence their first line of ‘sorting’ always held a great number of female-rejecting specials. And I did not ask for your any personal data of you, I simply commented.

  • Scarlet Magdalene

    Oh honey, no they were not. Please keep your odd sexual fantasies about esoteric organizations to yourself.