Priestess Of Apollo Has A Must See Gorgeous Oracle Deck On Kickstarter

Priestess Of Apollo Has A Must See Gorgeous Oracle Deck On Kickstarter June 6, 2018

Images by Samantha Lykeia Sanders


As a priestess of Apollo, I have a great deal of passion towards supporting works in his name and anything done on his behalf. I myself honor him in various works, particularly in his aspects associated with divination, oracular pursuits, and seership.

I’m not alone in this, as another priestess of Apollo who is an Etruscan polytheist is working on an amazing Apollo Oracle deck on Kickstarter called “Oracle of the Serpent”. Samantha Lykeia Sanders is no stranger to devotional works of art; her past and current projects include paintings and sculpture for both Greek and Etruscan gods, and she has also created jewelry, soaps, and oils for specific deities.

In her words:

For some time I have been slowly working my Apollo Oracle cards, doing one card at a time through my own efforts and from individual card sponsors. Since I would love to have the deck ready for release by October I decided to put up a kickstart. It is an all or nothing Kickstart. If it fails it will exponentially affect the release date by likely a couple years. Sponsorship allows me to devote more time for creating.

The unique thing about this deck is that it us a combination of inferring representations via cult names and referring to myths to unpack the meanings of the cards. Even this is valuable as there us no one absolute way to read these. I will be providing a booklet with suggested interpretations. It heavily relies on the reader. As this deck deals most directly with Apollon and his relationship with other gods this deck will likely be useful for those who perform divination in service to him.

Doing as little as pledging the reduced cost of a deck at 40.00 (will likely be a bit higher when sold afterward) will do so much to help this get going.

There are of course many tiers with goodies for pledging.

Tiers include obtaining a copy of the deck itself along with prints of specific cards, a water bottle with Apollo on it and a print of choice, a silver Apollo pendant, and many other incentives for backing the oracle deck’s creation.

You can learn more about the deck and/or support the making of it here. You can also view her other devotional works of art on her blog at Beloved in Light.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter has been cancelled and you can support the artist directly instead. Info on her blog here.

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