How To Magically Overthrow A Petty Tyrant: Occult Resistance For The 21st Century

How To Magically Overthrow A Petty Tyrant: Occult Resistance For The 21st Century June 25, 2018

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Today I’m here to cover the hypothetical scenario of doing magic in order to affect political change, particularly in cases where major government officials and its leaders have committed highly unethical acts that compromise the safety and lives of innocent people. Strictly speaking, everything I am covering is completely hypothetical, in the realm of theoretical work in regards to magic and witchcraft, and any resemblance to any specific public personas and/or current events in this blog post is purely coincidental.

Some key points to note:

  • Obviously when dealing with public figures and world events, there will be many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. Your best bet to make an impact is to influence events around the person or people in question in order to achieve the desired result. If you want to aim any sort of working on a specific individual, whether it is a binding or a hexing, you do so at your own risk. I would actually strongly recommend against it in this scenario despite any and all personal feelings on the matter. It’s about strategy, and what will be the most efficacious. If you want to work justice into this sort of thing, definitely go right ahead but be very cautious on the phrasing.
  • Speaking of phrasing, you need to think very carefully about what you want to achieve, and what the best way to achieve that is. I’ve written up a blog post in the past on crafting magical requests, and it definitely should be reviewed for this. Do that before you do ANYTHING else. This is actually why I feel that a binding spell alone will not cut it; you need something far more specific in regards to intent. If you want your target to be powerless, what is the best way to achieve that outcome? You’ll need to really think things through if you want this to get done effectively.
  • For influencing world events such as this, you are best not flying solo, my fellow witches (ha!). As many people as you can gather as possible who would be on the same page as you in order to perform the spell is best. The difficulty in doing that is as follows:
    1. Once you put the idea in the public eye, while you will indeed be attracting people who agree with you and can lend their energies to the cause, you will also be attracting those who actually support said political figures and thus alerting them to your intentions. Occultists of all political backgrounds and stripes do indeed exist, and not all of them will be on your side.
    2. Magic done out in the open runs the risk of interference, which can negatively impact your intentions. If the situation is dire enough and there is the possibility that the number of people who agree with you outnumber those who actually support said political figures, you may want to go forth and risk it, and with any luck get the prerequisite numbers involved.
  • Think very carefully about upcoming opportunities and events that could make or break your spell request, and which ones can help turn the tide in your favor if properly influenced with the right kind of magic. If you want specific legal action done against authorities and said action can only occur when certain political parties are in the majority of the government, you may want to influence any and all upcoming elections where seats can be turned so said action can actually take place. Just a thought.
  • Magic done to influence the odds is a worthwhile magic, but you also have to consider what is the most achievable realistically speaking in terms of events. If a particular desired result can only be accomplished under certain conditions, your best bet may be to provide influence to those conditions. See previous point as to an example of such. This may be one of those “one step at a time” rituals, where you take care of one thing that would help with the cause, then the next step after that. Quick example, and to piggyback on the previous point: say you wanted an American president impeached. Perform a magical working to influence the upcoming election to install a majority Congress that is of the opposite political party to said president, get that done, THEN start doing a magical ritual to get him out of office.
  • As you may have inferred from my previous point, this is NOT the kind of magic where you can be “one and done“, which I honestly believe people have messed up with in the past attempting this kind of work. This needs to be an ongoing rite, constantly fed. I’d even recommend dedicating a particular workspace or shrine to the task until the desired results have been met. Any deities or daimons of note can and should be included, particularly those who handle matters of justice, etc. Perform offerings on the regular towards the intention, and keep it going.


It should also go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that any and all magic you do should be backed up with the necessary practical action such as contacting your representatives, donating money and time to organizations which provide the necessary support, etc.

There have been a number of groups online, particularly on Facebook, which have devoted themselves to similar causes. While some people have expressed skepticism towards this kind of magical work, it is not without historical precedent. A number of occultists back in the 1940s got together and worked magic to prevent the Nazis from invading Britain. Say and believe what you will, but I’d say based on historical events that they succeeded–and therefore we can too. There’s an excellent book on the subject by Dion Fortune, who was instrumental in said working, entitled The Magical Battle of Britain. You can also read a fantastic blog post about the event here.

I am available as always for any questions about magical theory and practice, especially in regards to affecting positive change which you want to see in the world. In addition, I am readily available for any and all magical and practical work involving such. If you have an interest, by all means feel free to reach out to me.

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