I Cursed A Boy And I Liked It

I Cursed A Boy And I Liked It April 23, 2018

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A while back I blogged on how to protect yourself against hexes, curses, and psychic attacks and how to even diagnose and determine whether or not they are happening. This post is about under what conditions you should or should not do so, what considerations you need to have, and how it could impact you and your magic.

One of the most famous incidents of hexes happened a few years ago when many witches got together online and did a group hexing against Brock Turner. I was one of the active participants and I knew when the event went viral and many people knew about it that it probably didn’t have much of a shot of it having as much of an effect as we would like. For one thing, advertising that you are going to hex or curse someone and giving them or their allies advance notice is a really, really bad idea. It gives them opportunity to both prepare and defend. Are there any MRA occultists in support of this guy? I hate to say this but yes, they most certainly exist.

In cases of rape, murder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and molestation and similar matters I am wholeheartedly in favor of cursing. Leaving it up to the justice system is frequently a joke, like it or not, and as I’m fond of saying, with great power comes great responsibility. If you have the ability to do something in the face of evil, you should. This isn’t to say that it’s the only approach you can take or that it can’t potentially have negative consequences, but if you know what you’re doing you should be relatively fine. But as always, the responsibility remains. If you are unable to fully own your actions and how it may impact you, you have utterly no business casting that spell whatsoever. That piece of advice goes for pretty much any form of magic, but this is definitely one of those scenarios where it applies the most.

I actually think most people who think that they’re constantly hexing and cursing people are full of crap. Actual hexes and cursing rituals are exhausting. I have very, very rarely done any hexes or curses in my life and the few times I have done anything akin to such I kept it simple: let them be caught in the act and face the consequences. In one such incident I had a couple of friends who had a bad breakup with their live-in partner/roommate, and they hadn’t given up the key to the place and was breaking in and stealing things. I determined that “get caught/face consequences” was the best thing in that scenario, and the perpetrator was caught breaking and entering a few hours after I finished that ritual. They were forced to surrender the key and while my friends maybe managed to get back some of their possessions at best, at least no more of their stuff got stolen from there.

You don’t need a two ton sledgehammer to get rid of an ant when an ant trap will do just fine–and will probably leave your floors less damaged, and if accidentally dropped on your toes won’t cause you to lose one.

So what considerations and caveats are needed as a whole before you would consider doing any sort of hexing, cursing, or binding ritual?

  1. Whether or not simpler actions would suffice. Such as in the previously mentioned example of catching a bad ex-roommate in the act of breaking into my friends’ apartment, you keep it simple: let them be caught, let them face consequences. They don’t need to get the plague, get injured, killed, etc. Also consider the fact that your energies may be best invested elsewhere. Think about what you want to accomplish–not in terms of the how, but the what. This is when figuring out how to phrase that spell request comes in handy. If you don’t need to outright do a hex or a curse and can solve your situation using lesser means for way less energy, do that thing!
  2. Whether or not you’re prepared to face the potential consequences of your actions. Let’s say that you’ve squared away the situation and that this is a black and white scenario. Someone with willful intent either severely injured, raped, or killed someone you know. That someone could be you. You could have concerns about a potential rebound, but at the same time you may also have concerns over whether or not the perpetrator would do it again to someone else. Magic is way more than mere intent but if this is about removing someone from doing harm and protecting others from it, you may be best served with a binding and protection spell with a side dose of justice. That justice however may legitimately be in the form of that hex or curse.
  3. Whether or not you are at the right skill level and skill set to perform the hex. Magic like this is like running a marathon. It takes a LOT out of you, skilled or not. You will require the absolute maximum amount of self care and magical hygiene. And that’s why I don’t believe any occultist who brags about doing hexes and curses all the time at their so-called enemies. Not only are they likely to be full of crap, but there’s no way that anyone can reasonably say that they have that sort of magical stamina. You also need to be well versed and have researched what you want to accomplish, and know what you’re doing. If you’re not a novice, you probably will be fine. But if this is new tech that you’ve not done before, you may want to ask more seasoned occultists for their input on the ritual–provided they’re willing to give it, of course.
  4. Whether or not you’re prepared to defend yourself against or prevent any sort of magical or psychic attack in return. This scenario is unlikely in most cases but if you’ve got a beef with another occultist and it is quite legitimate (child abuse, rape, domestic violence, etc), it could and can happen. You will want to be well researched and knowledgeable in the ways to prevent any sort of backlash or countermeasures or you’ll be at this for the rest of your days like cartoon characters trying to get the last word in. You do NOT want to wind up here, trust me. This is also why I laugh at any occultist who outright tells people they’re hexing or cursing them, or shows up at the door or your inbox with a nicely worded “hex ritual” for you. Witch, please. Announcing your intentions is seriously stupid, and if hexes were done as easily as a few words composed on email or IM, can you only imagine what this world would look like given some of the emails and IMs we send and have received?
  5. Whether or not you’re a part of a tradition or lineage which actively discourages or outright prohibits this sort of thing. If you’re a solitary, you can shrug your shoulders at this and thank your lucky stars you’re not a part of any particular groups. But there are some who have issues with it and will make their members swear oaths not to engage in these sorts of practices. If you think you might be in such a group, you’ll have to do a great deal of soul searching on which is worth more to you: your alliance with the trad, or whatever is driving you to want to do this to someone to begin with. If this is a genuine and urgent need and could potentially prevent further harm, I would argue that the need would outweigh the oath. But no one–absolutely no one–can tell you how to think and what to do in this scenario other than you. Use your best judgment.

Either way you decide for yourself, this isn’t an action you want to take in the heat of the moment unless you and/or anyone else is in immediate danger and running out of both time and options. And that could very well where you’re at, and that would be a blessing. If you are fortunate enough to have the time to fully research, prepare, and think things through, that’s obviously the ideal scenario. But that’s not always the case. It’s good to know in advance as what amounts to an “emergency occultist aid kit” how to do these things, do them both well and properly and gods willing, hopefully never have to.

Unfortunately this is one of those things where it always seems to happen to someone else until it happens to you, so I’d advise that you learn how to do it properly. But should you decide to do so, you need to take both it and your actions very seriously, if nothing else for your own sake and safety.

So in short…practice safe hex! 🙂


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3 responses to “I Cursed A Boy And I Liked It”

  1. Best blog title of 2018 🙂

    I agree. And even fully justified, better-for-everyone heavy-handed workings can take it out of you for a few days or weeks. I had to do some “righteous bane” recently, and it was the right thing to do. But it emptied me out for a couple of weeks.

  2. I love this blog. I have left many Pagan groups as some of them have real issues with curses and hexes.

  3. I would add one additional consideration:

    Whether divination says that a hex is the appropriate action in this situation.