Celebrating Hermes, Messenger God & Guide Of Souls, On Samhain

Celebrating Hermes, Messenger God & Guide Of Souls, On Samhain October 22, 2018

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Hermes is the messenger of the gods in the Greek pantheon, “angelos ton theon” or “Angelos Athanatôn“. He’s also known as psychopompos, or psychopomp which means “guide of souls”. Like Hekate, he is a god of traveling between the worlds, and is a god of travel in general. Both of these deities are strongly connected with one another. So it’s fairly straightforward why in addition to recommending Hekate as a good deity to honor during Samhain, I also recommend giving Hermes his due. Given he frequently acts as an intermediary deity between us and the other Greek gods, fitting him in to your celebrations should be simple.

Some titles or epithets which he has which pertain to his functions as a guide and connections to the underworld include Chthonios (of the underworld), Psychopompos (herdsman of the dead), Athanatos Diaktoros (immortal guide), and Kataibates (he who leads souls to the underworld). He is also said to assist with and send dreams to mortals, so if you desire communication with the dearly departed in your life, Hermes may send you dreams where you can talk with him.

Traditional offerings to him included incense, cakes, and honey. I’ve frequently poured out glasses of wine to him and also burn a special incense blend dedicated to him. He’s a deity with whom I interact often, and I honestly cannot possibly overstate how good he’s been to me. They call him “swift-footed” for a reason; he is not only a helper to humans, he acts quickly.


Orphic Hymn To Chthonian Hermes

To Hermes Khthonios (Chthonian, of the Underworld), Fumigation from Storax.
Hermes, I call, whom fate decrees to dwell near to Kokytos, the famed stream of Haides,
and in necessity’s (Ananke’s) dread path, whose bourn to none that reach it ever permits return.
O Bakkheios (Bacchian) Hermes, progeny divine of Dionysos, parent of the vine,
and of celestial Aphrodite, Paphian queen, dark-eyelashed Goddess, of a lovely mien:
who constant wanderest through the sacred seats
where Haides’ dread empress, Persephone, retreats;
to wretched souls the leader of the way,
when fate decrees, to regions void of day.
Thine is the wand which causes sleep to fly,
or lulls to slumberous rest the weary eye;
for Persephone, through Tartaros dark and wide,
gave thee for ever flowing souls to guide.
Come, blessed power, the sacrifice attend,
and grant thy mystics’ works a happy end


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