A Sigil For Time Management

A Sigil For Time Management January 11, 2019

Never doubt that the Universe has a sense of humor. Time has been moving at a weird pace for me since the end of the year, and while I have projects to work on, none are absolutely demanding of my immediate time.  But I know better than to just let things slide, so I figured I’d better get something done.

So I’ve been working on redrawing, scanning in, and processing many of the sigils that were created in my Sigil Witchery workshops on tour.  There’s a lot of pretty heavy, large-concept socially oriented ones in the back- all very important to share.  But as I worked down through the list today, I came across one I’d forgotten about.  It was such a simple idea and very practical, yet it had gotten lost in the shuffle of the others.   As I debated choosing between 3-4 other sigils and trying to figure out if I should group them or what – this sigil was like “HEY! OVER HERE. EVERYONE CAN USE ME TOO RIGHT NOW.”

It was “A Sigil for Time Management.”

Who am I to argue with a sigil? (Best not to answer that.)

This sigil was crafted at Soul Journey in Butler, NJ back in October.  It was fun group of folks who squeezed into the small classroom that evening to learn Sigil Witchery.  Most of them were independent business women tackling a lot on their plates, so everyone agreed quickly to the group sigil.

Built into this sigil: 
-Having Motivation
-Maintaining Focus
-Being Goal-Oriented
-Realistic Expectations/Mindset
-Healthy Approach/Habits for managing time
-Sense of Balance

When I sat down to redraw this sigil, I added a couple more lines on the “stem” to further emphasize balance, organization of time, and order.  The overall feeling gives a sense of a solidly rooted being, with a central eye focused on progress while balancing needs and ideas. 

What to do with this sigil:
This is a great sigil to watch over for your workspace: be that your office, the kitchen, a desk area, studio, the garden – basically wherever you need to get work done or better manage your time to address things you need to do.  It can live as a printout, drawn on a post-it note, as a magnet on the fridge, etc.  Some folks have put it on votive candles (like a tall glass 7 day one) to light as they work on a project.  You can also draw or trace it for meditation.

Creative Commons License
A Sigil for Time Management by Laura Tempest Zakroff is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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