Would Keller want his home & security blabbed about?

Would Keller want his home & security blabbed about? July 2, 2006

The usual suspects on the left are scornfully looking down their noses at the usual suspects on the right, because folks on the right are incensed by this NY Times story which gives not only locations of homes owned by the VP and SecDef, but includes helpful little nuggets like, “the birdhouse has a camera in it…” (So, you know…if you’re going to go try something over there, bring your spraypaint…)

The right is being called paranoid by the sophisticated left.

Meanwhile, I’m just wondering if Bill Keller would like someone to publish the location of his summer house in the Hamptons. Would he appreciate someone describing the security measures he uses to keep himself and his family safe?

This has always been a burr in my butt and I have written about it before. I’m quite certain Katie Couric does not want you to know where she lives, what route her children take to school and what security she has in place. And she is quite right in not wanting you to know it.

But members of the press, so protective of themselves, of the privacy and safety of their own, of what their children must endure reading about their parents, have no consideration for others, particularly for those they dislike. Hence, Matt Cooper begs Karl Rove not to make his little boy suffer his father’s humiliation but does not speak up when his associates in the press refer to Rove as “Darth Vader” or a Nazi, or somesuch. Because it’s okay if Karl Rove’s kids read that.

I wouldn’t want to see Bill Keller’s home and privacy invaded the way he’s just invaded the privacy of others; I truly would be aghast to see it, because it would portend the beginning of an ugly new (indecent and disgusting) low in our nation’s politicking…but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it. Invading the privacy of others and putting them at risk seems to be the new and approved tactic for some on the left, and the usual suspects think that’s just fine and dandy. And some on the right are getting angrier and angrier at these double-standards and they’re fighting back, and I don’t see where anything good is going to come of this.

And this story is one illustration of why good, decent people increasingly refuse to enter the political arena. Why should anyone have to deal with this crap in the name of public service?

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