If this is correct, liberty is almost gone -UPDATED

If this is correct, liberty is almost gone -UPDATED April 4, 2009

I am going to look around more before commenting further, but if this is correct then we’re looking at something very bad, indeed.

…the democratically lead Congress has proposed the “Pay for Performance Act” which passed Thursday with even some Republican Congressman voted for it.

The scariest part of the bill is that while you’re serving as a “volunteer,” you’re prohibited from participating in worship and church activities, political rallies and being involved in a union. In short, your essential freedoms are gone.

That took less than 100 days.


I keep hearing about Obama being a socialist but, I have to disagree. Based on these measures he appears to more like a person pursuing Communism or Fascism.

Let’s face it; if you wanted to tear down the Republic and install a Communist Oligarchy you would first have to take over all major industries where corporate power resides, then you must get the wealth away from the rich — but how would you do that? Well, you create an even larger economic crisis so the country thinks your massive debt spending is a way to help the country when your real plan is to incur so much debt that the only way to prevent the country from bankruptcy is to impose a tax system that depletes the wealth of the top 1% until we’re all equally “wealthy.” …Well, except for those wealthy people who helped you get there.

Read the whole thing.

Do recall, friends, that we heard Bush was a “nazi” and a “fascist” for the last 8 years. Do recall that. Learn what “projection” means, if you don’t already know.

We need to find out if this writer is correct.

Also, remember, Fannie and Freddie are giving out 210 Million in bonuses. No one is fussing.

We need a Recovery Party.

UPDATE: I’m only just at my desk and it’s the middle of the day (Sunday’s are busy) and I see some comments saying this article is wrong…but then AJ Strata is writes this about this:

The Anchoress wished to know if there really were restrictions on personal religion in the bill – yes there are


“(a) Prohibited Activities.–A participant in an approved national service position under this subtitle may not engage in the following activities:

“(7) Engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of religious proselytization.
Actually, the entire list is pretty damn oppressive:

“(1) Attempting to influence legislation.
“(2) Organizing or engaging in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes.
“(3) Assisting, promoting, or deterring union organizing.
“(4) Impairing existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements.
“(5) Engaging in partisan political activities, or other activities designed to influence the outcome of an election to any public office.
“(6) Participating in, or endorsing, events or activities that are likely to include advocacy for or against political parties, political platforms, political candidates, proposed legislation, or elected officials.

And there are more. Basically you have to give up all your constitutional rights

HOWEVER – In Comments Bender writes: As amended, the Act does not prohibit volunteers from engaging in religious worship in their own free time. It only prohibits those government-funded positions being used for religious purposes or for multiple other purposes. Such prohibitions are common in government-funded programs.

I think, deep down, I just really have a serious problem with this idea of serving the country by conscription rather than by choice. One reason I was always against the draft was because I felt our armed forces would be better manned by people who actually wanted to serve than by people resenting their conscription. I still feel that way. I have done volunteer work for years, and I do it because I want to, not because someone is telling me I must.

I’ve got paying work on the backburner, so I won’t be blogging much today, but do check out the comments, which are pretty interesting.

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