SoulWow Clean, Cobb & other things

SoulWow Clean, Cobb & other things April 4, 2009

A friend of mine just dropped a hint – a veiled one, as in, “maybe I’ll go to the church down the street and find out what it takes to become Catholic,” which made me happy, of course. I gave him the line from noted conservative Paul Johnson: “come on in, it’s awful!” We can keep each other company in exile.

Anyway, that’s cool. Pray for his discernment?

While you’re praying, please pray for Kim and her husband and their baby. I briefly mentioned their plight here, but was waiting for permission to tell you more, and now I have that. Kim is 7 months pregnant and has been told since her 18th week that her baby (they cannot tell for sure the sex) has no kidneys and will not live long beyond delivery. Like this young mother, Kim and her husband have chosen to eschew the dubious “blessing” of abortion and to instead pray, have faith, and experience the full-life gift and grief of allowing their child to meet them, of allowing themselves to know and love their child. They’re open to walking through the fire. And they’re open to a miracle, too. Openness is the key to everything. Recall, Jesus did not work many miracles in his hometown, where no one was open to him, because they assumed they knew all about him. Please pray for them, and I’ll keep you apprised.

From Vanderleun, a bit of Fr. Vic:

Hmmm…maybe offer up your confession for Kim and her baby? Says this is part of the Brooklyn Diocese – I’ll have to ask Deacon Greg, who toils there there days with NET TV, if he knows this priest.

Speaking of confession: Here’s a primer, if you’ve forgotten how. Oh, come on, don’t be afraid. Step out on to the dawn of your own new beginning. You know you want to. Make it interesting! Mea Culpa has its value!

Last year I said to my pastor, “so, if I am feeling an urge to throw a laundry basket at my husband’s head, that’s bad, right?” To which he replied, “was the basket empty or full?”

Speaking of Vanderleun, he gives us a rousing appreciation of Cobb, with which I wholly concur. Cobb’s been in my blogroll for forever, and I don’t link to him enough. One of the most provocative bloggers on the web.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday: Deacon Greg has a great homily, and also, 7 Days that Shook the World.

The man of no surprises: ACORN gonna run the census. No. We didn’t see that coming from a mile away, did we? He wants banks, too. And less than 100 days into it, the bots want to repeal the 22nd Amendment. Ahh…president-for-life. No, not surprised, at all. Never ascribe to malice… what can better not be mentioned at all

Inconsistency, thy name is NY Times!

A Most Disturbing Read: This actually gave me chills. Well done, Neo.

Solar Flares and System Collapses: Ah, 2012…

The “Marvelous Opportunity”: voluntary suicide of the healthy. Consistent with that whole “my life should have no pain” drive toward numbness that has been building and building. Resist it, if you want to truly live.

My Elder Son’s Sweet Girlfriend, who is much too level-headed to ever be a beastly bride, has introduced me to the various “reality bridal” shows on the cable-channels. Basically it’s all misery and wretched excess with occasional video of whining brides throwing fits with hammers, but the shows are morbidly fascinating, and I can’t look away. Also interesting is the Princess, the Priest and the war for the “perfect wedding”.

Finally – here is a terrific Palate Cleanser that you must go watch.

I’m leaving it there. Don’t want to dwell on more ugh after that.

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