Comment-Free Fridays — UPDATED

Comment-Free Fridays — UPDATED August 19, 2011

Consider it a Friday fast, or a Friday sacrifice.

I do not have time to monitor comments right now, and I’m just about sick to death of the fighting, the accusations, the foul (and all-too-easy/convenient) cries of “heresy” on one thread and “racist” on the other.

I know we can do better than this.

These are tense times; everyone is on edge. And apparently everyone has lost their senses of humor, or their ability to ever give anyone else a pass, or the benefit of a doubt, or even be good-natured in battle.

And frankly, if we can’t have a little of that, then screw it, what’s the point of all this?

So — No comments today.

Let’s use this day to pray for each other and the nation, instead of indulging our passions, our pride, our prejudices and our never-ending egos.

In fact, I’ve just made an Executive Decision: henceforth, every Friday shall be known in these parts as the COMMENT-FREE FRIDAY.

For Catholics, Fridays are meant to be a day of sacrifice and introspection, so I think I’m going to help that along a little.

Let’s use Friday to be a little quieter.

If I have to sacrifice traffic because people are not swinging by to fight, so be it.

If you have to lose your ability to vent and harangue, well…offer it up.

Maybe we’ll all be better-fit for Sunday, if we pray a little more on Friday.

And be better-suited to “battle” on Monday. ;-)


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