A Catholic Thinker: Patheos’ Newest Catholic Blog

A Catholic Thinker: Patheos’ Newest Catholic Blog November 25, 2013

Unless you’re deeply reading into the Catholic blogosphere, it’s unlikely you’ve ever come across Tod Worner before, but I’m pretty sure that once you begin, you’ll be quick to bookmark his blog, A Catholic Thinker, which I am very happy to be bringing into the mix, over here.

Why am I so happy? Because the only thing I like better than a good writer is a good writer who likes to really think, and is able to write well on whatever has his head of a moment; as I discovered when I read his piece on The Mean Grace of Flannery O’ Connor, this fella does that in spades.

And he’s mad for history too, which is invaluable in an attention-span challenged era. History helps us to think about the present with something beyond our feelings.

Tod, who is a physician, introduces himself and shares a little about his background and conversion, here, so check that out, and then avail yourself of his archives. I think you’ll quickly want to subscribe to his feed, and follow him on social media, to keep an eye on what this Catholic Thinker has on his mind.

Welcome, Tod! Get that noodle cooking!

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