A Palm Sunday of Stark Decision

A Palm Sunday of Stark Decision April 13, 2014

“. . .the revelation is really quite simple- the Lord Jesus, God and King, will give his divine life for you, and will do so, even if you don’t deserve that kind of gesture and can do nothing to earn it. That’s the kind of God and King the Lord Jesus is- the kind who will give up his life for you. In fact his passion to give his life for you is so intense, that it takes the form of the cross.

The gods and kings of the world, won’t do that. They take life. Sure they will make it seem like you are getting something in return for our idolatry, but that’s the lie they tell you so that they can get what they want from you.

Let’s face it: our lives are filled with gods and kings. These gods and kings lurk in our culture and in our desires. They manifest themselves in our desire for wealth, pleasure, power and honors and they play upon our fears. Our service to these gods and kings shows itself in all our agendas and causes that are driven by self-interest. We will often put a mask on these agendas and causes that looks like the Lord Jesus and appeal to his teachings to justify our idolatry, but those masks and appeals won’t save and redeem. They take life, they don’t give life.

Christian Faith, the Faith of the Church, is about a decision for Christ the Lord. It means that we accept the Lord Jesus as the one, true God and King and we live differently as a result.

It is that stark. And it is that simple.

Look at the cross and see the revelation- God’s revelation! Christ the Lord is your God and King.

See that revelation compels you to ask and answer this question:

Is he your God and King or is someone or something else?

Now is the moment of decision.
Fr. Steve Grunow

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