The “it’s an honor to be mentioned” cliche

The “it’s an honor to be mentioned” cliche April 10, 2014

You know that whole, “it’s an honor just to be nominated” thing that people say when they discover they’re up for some sort of award?

It’s a true thing! I know, it sounds hackneyed and cliched and false, but it’s a reality.

Strange Gods, now with Study Guide!

I know it’s a reality, because the Association for Catholic Publisher’s Excellence in Publishing Awards has announced their finalists for titles published in 2013, and I just learned that Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life is one of them! It is a finalist in the “Inspirational” category, which means I will content myself with being included in the finalists, particularly since other books in that group include one that I raved to you about before Advent and another I recommended in December! I’m the mere grubber, here.

Actually, I recommended several of the finalists in various categories to you, which — if nothing else — tells you my raves and recommends tend to be credible!

And Patheos contributor Tim Muldoon
, along with his wife, Sue, is also a finalist for their really excellent book, Six Sacred Rules for Families: A Spirituality for the Home, so congrats, Tim!

And congrats to our mutual publisher, Ave Maria Press, who have seven titles over which to bite their nails.

Except, the biting the nails thing…we don’t do that. It really is “an honor just to be nominated” and in such company as to leave one humbled.

The rest of it? There is no competition; it’s all good, and because it is, it’s like a rising tide, lifting all of our boats.

And congrats to the
Patheos Book Club, which featured and discussed many of the nominated titles!

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