Martin O’Malley Putin: Chesty McCheesecake Presidencies

Martin O’Malley Putin: Chesty McCheesecake Presidencies May 14, 2015

I’m supposed to be shutting down and going on radio silence until this manuscript is done, but I saw this and thought, “Oh, for crying out loud!”

Then I thought? Martin O’Putin? When does he get photo-shopped riding a lion?

Martin Putin

As usual, I blame Barack Obama, and his Cheesecake-y romps in the surf, or on the b-ball court, during his first presidential run. Well, not really. I actually blame the press who fetish-ized the pecs.

The press corp mostly sneered at Bush’s commitment to exercise. They sneered at Condi Rice’s exercise regimen, as well; she was the over-achiever subsuming her emotions to the treadmill, or whatever.

But Sen. Obama? They’re turning him into “Chesty McCheesecake*”, (and he seems a willing exhibitionist) probably because they haven’t got a clue who he really is or what he’s really about. And perhaps Obama likes it that way; he seems to be smart enough to know that if he gives them his chest, he needn’t bother giving them his thoughts.

All the press can do is hope and prey.

[Had President Bush] moseyed out of a workout with shirt in hand and pecs glistening, can’t you just imagine how the press would have howled about it, decrying his “vanity” in displaying the effects of his workouts? Of course they would have.

American “reporters” have become the political equivalent of teen magazine editors; this person is so hunky and in, this other person is so dweeby and out! Our cover boy loves argula and hates rainy days. He loves to work out and hates to see sad puppies! Send us your secret Barack fantasy! Special edition Barack Poster: Photoshop yourself in his arms!


Is this what it’s all about, now? Run for President, and show us your pecs?

Not sure what this is going to do for “official-woman” Hillary, who likes to keep things covered up, nor that “unofficial woman” and noted affirmative-action case, Carly Fiorina. Perhaps the ladies will have to show off the gams a bit, to keep the peasants interested, because who cares about actual policy position in an era where little matters beyond the selfies and the poses.

Ew, now I’m thinking of President Kanye and First Lady Kim.

Meanwhile poor old Marco Rubio — who was pretty good on Charlie Rose the other night — isn’t getting any loving up there in the Drudge corner, looking like a grown-up, in his suit and tie. Ew, grown-ups.

He should learn from the past; he’s a Republican so if he does decide to play to the cheap seats and give us a pec-peek it will probably be called vanity or narcissism or both

Let my radio-silence commence. Comments will have to close as I won’t be here to monitor them.

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