Anglican Clergy Need Protection From Women Bishops

Anglican Clergy Need Protection From Women Bishops October 21, 2010
When I’m attacked for saying that religion is a terrible source of morality, I just have to Google the news.  Then I find great examples like this one:
The Bishop of Fulham, John Broadhurst, has become the fourth Anglican bishop to make the announcement.
He intends joining the Roman Catholic Church because of his opposition to the way the Church of England plans to introduce women bishops.
Apparently it’s not just individuals leaving, it’s whole churches:
Meanwhile, a Kent Anglican congregation has become the first to take up the Pope’s offer to convert to Catholicism.
The Pope created a special enclave in the Roman Catholic Church for Anglicans unhappy with their church’s decision to let women become bishops.
Because, you know, can’t be letting those uppity women-folk be in charge of anything.  It’s really upsetting to the system:
[M]any traditionalist clergy are unhappy with the level of protection so far offered to them from serving under a woman bishop, but might hesitate in the face of a decision likely to cause them considerable personal hardship.
What kind of protection do they need from women bishops?  Are they going to get cooties?  Cooties was a big issue when I was in second grade.
These poor messengers of God will be forced to choose between being misogynistic trolls with jobs or misogynistic trolls who are unemployed.  Oh the agony!

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