Creationists Evolve Before Our Very Eyes!

Creationists Evolve Before Our Very Eyes! March 1, 2011

Well here’s proof that creationists themselves do know something about evolution.  Right before our very eyes they are evolving their own slimy methods to get their religious teaching back into science classrooms.

Never mind the fact that 60% of American science teachers are already avoiding the subject of biological evolution.  That’s not enough for these cavemen.  The Dover case killed “intelligent design” as the wedge for creationism.  So their new tactic, detailed quite well by Laura Lebo in Scientific American, is to create phony “academic freedom” laws that are really covers for allowing the introduction of religious dogma into science instruction.  Tennessee, Oklahoma and New Mexico are considering such legislation:

As with other anti-evolution bills, the Tennessee legislation does not actually mandate the inclusion of creationist or ID teachings. Rather, it says that educators may not be prohibited from “helping students understand, analyze, critique and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the course being taught.”

Of course we know who’s behind all of this:

As with other anti-evolution bills, Tennessee’s seems to be based on sample legislation written and promoted by the pro-ID Discovery Institute.

Sponsor Rep. Bill Dunn (R–Knoxville) said [David] Fowler [head of the Family Action Council of Tennessee] submitted the legislation to him in early February. The latter’s organization is associated with James Dobson’s conservative Christian Focus on the Family and advocates for “biblical values” and “godly officials”.

I find it so interesting that these “values” oriented potato heads use such underhanded methods to circumvent the Constitution.  Is this what they really mean by “godly” and “biblical values”?

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