My Blog Mentioned At MSNBC’s BLTWY

My Blog Mentioned At MSNBC’s BLTWY March 25, 2011

Wouldn’t you know it, I finally get some national attention and it’s about something I kind of regret that I said.

MSNBC’s BLTWY Blog quotes my post about Sarah Palin.  I was quite irritated by her wearing the star of David.  A reader pointed out (not so gently) that if I simply consider it a cultural symbol then I shouldn’t be so bothered by it.  It was definitely more of an emotional than a rational reaction.  Sort of like the emotional reaction that a few people have to an atheist rabbi.

Anyway, I completely stand by everything else I said in the post which was also quoted by the MSNBC blog:

Some American Jews, like Rabbi Jeffrey Falick of, feel that Palin is merely in Israel “for her own gain, unrelated to the best interests of Jews, Palestinians or anyone else in the region.” Falick, for one, wishes that Palin would “take off” the star.

I never thought a comment about Sister Sarah would be the thing to get this blog noticed!

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