Rockets In Southern Israel. Again.

Rockets In Southern Israel. Again. March 25, 2011

I am watching the Channel 2 news from Israel.  Rockets are dropping in southern Israel again, fired by terrorists in Gaza.  I supported Operation Cast Lead and would do so again.  I don’t make false proportional comparisons between a nation defending her citizens and a bunch of radical Muslim terrorists hiding behind children.  If those children die, their blood is on the hands of the terrorists.

I’ve advocated withdrawal from the territories.  I supported the disengagement from Gaza because it was my understanding that if they engaged in these attacks, Israel would know how to defend her citizens.  Israel waited a very long time before Cast Lead, after seeking lots of alternatives.  Personally, I think they waited too long.  Because let me tell you, I’ve been in a “red alert” in S’derot and it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life.  That’s how terrorism works.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their whole gang are religiously driven extremists who will never, ever accept Israel’s existence in any form (and if they do, they won’t be the groups they are today).  If they escalate this violence again, I certainly hope the IDF doesn’t wait years before shutting it down by force.  I don’t care if it makes the Palestinians and everyone else in the world angry, no nation has to sit there and take that.  This is a conflict between two parties with legitimate claims who are going to have to divide the land.  Until Hamas and company learn this lesson, there is no choice for Israel but military action.  These religious fanatics are not fighting to get their fair share.  They’re fighting to eliminate Israel.

Ultimately, I hope for peace and I won’t shut up when I feel Israel is hurting (or at least not helping) her chances of achieving it.  But no nation should have to put up with this.

Yitzhak Rabin, of blessed memory, used to say that he would pursue peace “as if there were no terrorism and fight terrorism as if there were no peace process.”  That is the only sane position when dealing with murderous religious extremists.

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  • Anonymous

    Of course, if their is no God, then he certainly never promised any land to anyone.

    As such, “Israel” does not exist.

    D. Duke