Sure and Begorrah

Sure and Begorrah May 23, 2015

Sure and Begorrah…it means “Sure and by God.” Probably not the most appropriate thing for an atheist to say. But it’s a big day in historically Catholic Ireland where gay marriage has been overwhelmingly approved by voters, so it just seems somehow right.

I’m not really into granting rights by referendum. But that’s my American prejudice. In Ireland they have different values and history and this seems like a great way to show the world how attitudes are really changing.

Our own Supreme Court has already made up its mind, though we won’t know the decision for weeks. Meanwhile we read the tea leaves from every utterance (as RBG drops hints…or does she?).

Taking a page from my own cultural background, I just want to say, “Mazel tov” to Ireland for getting it right!

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