Don’t Like Hillary? How Does “Trump Administration” Sound?

Don’t Like Hillary? How Does “Trump Administration” Sound? July 27, 2016

So you don’t like Hillary? She’s too “crooked” for you? The Donald’s tabloidian designation of her has taken root in your mind and heart?

Well, the only “crookedness” I’ve seen with her is an understandable excess of caution with regard to her privacy leading to the email server issue. Otherwise I’ve seen a woman in public service all of her life. I’ve seen a politician who basically shares most of my values and has made decisions that I agreed with, decisions I disagreed with, and decisions I’ve changed my mind about just as she did.

I was very opposed to the Iraq invasion and wish that it had not been authorized by Congress. But Hillary didn’t lead the invasion. She reluctantly voted to allow Bush to take action once all international channels were exhausted. It was Bush who lied about WMD. It was Bush who disregarded the terms of Congress’ authorization.

And another thing: let’s not forget that we would have had no Bush, no Iraq (and not dozens of other problems in the country and world) if Nader had not taken the votes necessary to elect Gore. Some of you who comment here are too young to understand what that means, but we older folks have seen this film already.

There is hardly a Trump voter who will flip right now so this thing is entirely in our hands. If you like how the words “Trump Administration” sound and you feel that you’ll enjoy the headline “Trump appoints second Justice to the Supreme Court,” then by all means vote for Jill Stein or stay home. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

This is precisely what is meant when we say: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people should do nothing.” (Basically the same thing as staying home or voting Stein.)

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