Weapons of Mass Destruction – The Thurible…

Weapons of Mass Destruction – The Thurible… May 7, 2012

So far we’ve seen holy water used as a means of crowd control and now this…

H/T Hermeneutic of Continuity

Here Fr. Finigan and Fr. Z ponder whether to ‘clink or not to clink’. For those non-Catholics the thurible clinks when it is swung and hits the chain. I never gave the sound any thought, quite honestly. Not when I’m used to hearing the sleigh bell sounds of a Byzantine censer’s bells. I think we’ve got the Romans trumped there. I wish I could find a nice video or sound clip to share with you. You’ll have to take my word; sleigh bells. The meaning of the censer is as beautiful as the sound it makes. Twelve bells on four chains represent the apostles. When they ring we are reminded of the apostles proclaiming the Gospel. Except the twelfth bell is silent; the Judas bell. The four chains are; God the Father [attached to the lid], the two natures of Christ [Human and Divine], and the Holy Spirit. All wrapped up in gold plating bringing together the three gifts of the Magi; gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Even the 72 links of the chain represent something. What, I forget at the moment.


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PS- See. Everything in the liturgy has meaning pointing back to God. It’s not just meaningless ritualistic pomp and circumstance, papá.

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