Hi. I’m Kat, your blog administrator. I’m also an asshole…

Hi. I’m Kat, your blog administrator. I’m also an asshole… December 11, 2012

… Gah! I feel like the Grinch whose heart grew three sizes. I should to stick to mocking faceless and nameless entities to avoid the after effects of a guilty conscience. Pro-abortion advocates are still free game, as are misguided misogynistic feminists. Other than that I no longer derive the same pleasure at other’s expense as I used to. Blame the Catholicism or the spirit of Christmas or maybe it’s the old age making me all soft but I was up half the night riddled with guilt over a stupid post about an even stupider cruise.

Then I was all set to write a post mocking this… this… I’m not quite sure what’s going on here.

I had it all planned out, a magnificent post oozing with witty mockery and commentary suggesting the Church sell ad space on altar cloths and vestments to boost revenue. Then we wouldn’t have to sit through the annual Lenten Shake Down every year or those endless Diocese support appeals. I was even going to photoshop I nice kitschy picture of the above altar with a few paypal donation buttons and big adverts. Something eye popping and splashy to match the garden hose. But half way through I just looked at that picture and felt tremendously sad. Sad for the priest and even sadder for myself. Where is the virtue in picking on an old man? The priest in the photo is 90+ years old. I should live so long.

Really there would have been nothing to gain from that except a few chuckles and maybe a couple of shares around the old social media. The greater damage would be in giving the “if it ain’t Latin it’s a sacrilege” crowd more fuel to throw on their ever raging fire against the novus ordo missae.

Reputations are a serious business. I should worry more about my own.

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