Jesus DID have two dads, so why the anger over this scene?

Jesus DID have two dads, so why the anger over this scene? November 30, 2017

According to biblical mythology, Joseph wasn’t merely some human caretaker, he was Jesus’ human father.
But it’s apparently “blasphemous” to create scenes or signs which suggest that Jesus had two fathers, even though a Catholic deacon in Brooklyn, Greg Kandra, pointed out in 2015:

God was Jesus’ father in a much more literal sense than he is our father, so there is no doubt that, for mainstream Christians at least, Jesus did have two dads.

He was quoting from a Faith and Pride post.
The nativity scene pictured above was recently set up in a Los Angeles garden, and outrage, according to this report, immediately followed.

Expressing his distress and great displeasure, the anti-gay Rhode Island Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin, above, wrote the following on his Facebook page:

A Gay Nativity? Just came across this photo of a ‘gay nativity’ scene – two Josephs dressed in pink watching over the Christ Child. How sad that someone believes it’s okay (or funny or cool) to impose their own agenda on the holy Birth of Jesus. Pray for those who did so, for their change of heart, and that Jesus will forgive this sacrilege, this attack on the Christian Faith.

Others expressed agreement with Bishop Tobin. Some examples:

• What a blasphemous display of hatred towards our Blessed Lord.
• This is also an offense against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to remove Her from a nativity scene.
• That’s an absolute disgrace to the church and everything it stands for!
• Horrifying.

Deacon Kandra addressed the thorny “two dads” issue after this sign appeared outside a Catholic Church in Buffalo, NY.

It was quickly removed after protests – and Buffalo’s Bishop Richard Malone said in a statement published by Catholic Family News:

As soon as I learned of this sign, I took immediate action to have it removed. The pastor of SS Columba–Brigid Church told me that the “2 Dads” were meant to refer to a child who has both a father and stepfather. There are several children in his parish who have both a father and stepfather. However, given the potential for the meaning of this message to be misunderstood and even perceived in a heretical way, it was immediately removed.

CFN responded:

We can be grateful the sign is removed. With respect, it seems hard to imagine anyone in our time not being aware of what the ‘2 dads’ term can imply, especially since the pro-homosexual book Heather Has 2 Mommies has been around since 1989.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • L.Long

    Nothing like a bunch of bigoted ahole xtians to put a negative (for them) spin on someone elses nativity seen and not inquire as to what that person meant by it!!! There is nothing more stoopid than religious nut jobs! In fact I have met many xtian preachers who can’t even name jeaus’ dad!!!!

  • StephenJP

    Ooh, duckie! I wonder if Bishop Tobin knows that his handbag’s on fire?!

  • sailor1031

    If it’s so bad, so insulting to doG and his precious offspring let them deal with it. A thunderbolt or two should take care of it and send the appropriate message that Bish Tobin is apparently unable to send himself.
    But then, would doG take orders from a mere bishop who doesn’t rate higher than a deputy director in the RCC Inc corporate hierarchy? I guess if doG’s OK with this then so am I. My advice to bish Tobin – relax your cheeks and let that knicker knot fall out of your ass; you’ll feel much better.

  • Leonard Ostrander

    It is true that Jesus had two dads, except that Jesus never existed and neither did his dads. Other than that, it’s true.

  • Robster

    It’s all irrelevant, there’s no impartial evidence for either a one or two fathered magic Jew.

  • Laura Roberts

    So let me get this straight: the man in the scarlet dress and mauve hat is offended by statues of men in pink?

  • Broga

    How could Mary be a virgin when she was married to Joseph? Perhaps Teresa could tell us? How did God impregnate Mary? The Jesus myth is lifted from so many other myths that existed before he was allegedly born.
    To believe this nonsense requires so many facts to be ignored.

  • barriejohn

    Laura: He’s incensed.

  • barriejohn

    I’m surprised that Mary and Joseph were not reported to social services. First, their baby was born in a filthy stable, then taken miles and miles on a difficult journey to Egypt, then left behind in Jerusalem when they returned to Galilee merely ASSUMING that he was with friends or family of theirs. No wonder he grew up to be an unemployed hippy, and caused havoc in the temple by trying to turn out all the traders who had their business there. I bet when he was finally apprehended by the law people who knew them said: “With an upbringing like that what would you expect?”

  • Broga

    barriejohn : The Divine astronomy wasn’t so great either.

  • tonye

    The religious just don’t get irony.
    ‘How sad that someone believes it’s okay (or funny or cool) to impose their own agenda on the holy Birth of Jesus.’ Is exactly what they have been doing for centuries.

  • AgentCormac

    Ah, well. At least The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow, should be fine with all this. He’s encouraging people to pray that Prince George is gay.

  • Broga

    AgentCormac: As my late and still lamented mother might have said, “Whatever will they think of next?”
    I suppose Rev Holdsworth’s religion couldn’t be more accepting and understanding without his God intervening by the convoluted route of involving the royal sprog?

  • The fact remains that many people who read their Bibles and know their history is that “God’s word” does indeed fail to condemn child sex abuse in marriage. There are condemnations of bestiality and adultery and gay sex and no mention of the respect due to the sexual innocence of a child. Silence is consent anyway. But silence is more consent in a holy book which claims the right to be obeyed as the word of God and which encourages people to see that they must obey the book just because it says they must do it. Those biblical cultures did accept men having sex with girls whose bodies were not ready for sex or having babies. Men married female children. There are several clues in the Bible that a man is allowed to molest the child he “marries.” The child at least should have the right to get away from the husband who raped her and abused her and who could divorce her to get his hands on a new child bride. Jesus reinforced these doctrines by saying that a girl cannot divorce her husband or she becomes an adulteress if she weds another. What is worse is he was being hypothetical for women did not have a right to divorce in his society. Calling her an adulteress was abusive in itself and was virtually calling for her murder for the Jewish God had decreed death by stoning for adulteresses. (And Jesus made no attempt to do away with stoning in his ministry. The adulteress who was brought to him for stoning was brought to him as a test but even then he said she should be stoned but only by worthy accusers. He did not stone her for it was not his place and it was never done by one person. And it was a test anyway.) I repeat: the fact remains that these women were forced into marriage, were too young as well and had every right and perhaps the duty to leave their husbands. A male could easily divorce his child bride and marry another so that you have serial child molesting of serial child-brides. The story of Jesus starts with Mary conceiving him without sexual intercourse. I think that the expression that Jesus is being conceived by the Holy Spirit is a euphemism for Mary conceiving by a human sperm without a father. She was probably molested by Joseph which resulted in a “miraculous” pregnancy. It would have seemed marvellous in an age that did not understand about eggs and sperms.