Hinduism under increasing threat from ‘crazy’ Christianity

Hinduism under increasing threat from ‘crazy’ Christianity November 20, 2020

INDIAN magazine Swarajya yesterday (Thursday) called on the authorities to shut down Angel TV, a Christian channel its accuses of pumping out anti-vaccination propaganda.

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Angel TV is operated by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, above, who, prior to the US presidential election, prophesied in this video that the “ruffian” and “street fighter” Trump would win because God and a team of mighty angels were standing by to ensure a second term for Donny.

Nothing astounding there. Many preachers have made the same prediction, but Selvaraj’s nuttiness – and that of Angel TV – is being attacked for the danger it poses to health and to Hinduism, a religion that Swarajya’s Aravindan Neelakandan writes has always proved resistant to “conspiracy theories” and other nonsense that emanate from the Bible and have no place in Hinduism.

As a civilisation and culture, Hindu India has long overcome the psychological abuses sectarian religions can cause. It has transformed sects into spiritual traditions and has stopped religious beliefs overstepping their boundaries.

The case in point is the fact that Hindu renaissance never questioned evolution. It does not have the equivalent of inquisition and holy war.

Neelakandan then warns, that, if left unchecked, foreign evangelists will reverse “this millennia-old legacy” by converting Hindus to a brand of “anti-science, hysterical Christianity.” This, in turn, will, bring “craziness” to India in  the forms of “anti-evolution and anti-vaccination movements.”

Neelakandan warns readers that:

One has to remember that in Tamil Nadu, where this anti-vaccination campaign has started, the politicians have the tendency to crawl when asked to bend by the evangelists.

For example a secular change in the history textbooks from BC and AD to BCE and CE , when made, was opposed by Christian fundamentalists as hurting their religious sentiments … The government went back and took special efforts to bring back BC and AD.

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