Mohammed images: CafePress hit with a ‘cease and desist’ order

Mohammed images: CafePress hit with a ‘cease and desist’ order February 16, 2021

Image via CafePress

FOR years the creator of the brilliant Jesus and Mo site has been merchandising wares on CafePress, which also sells other items featuring the ‘prophet’, such as the one above.

Such images have outraged the authorities in humourphobic Pakistan, and today J and M creator reveals that:

CafePress got a notice from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority telling them to take down all store items featuring images of Mo.

We never made a lot of money from the CafePress store (a 2-figure sum paid out every year or two), but it was nice to offer t-shirts, mugs etc to people who wanted them. Will let you know if we find an suitable alternative outlet who won’t buckle at the first hint of protest from a censorious government.

In the meantime, if you’d like to support the comic by other means, please consider becoming a Patron. If you can spare a dollar or two a month, it really helps to keep us going.

J & M responded thus: I can’t wait to see the reaction of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority when they discover that FineartAmerica is selling a variety of Mohammed face masks.

Image via FindeartAmerica/Leonardo Digenio

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