US embassy’s Pride flag in the Vatican is ‘offensive to all Catholics’

US embassy’s Pride flag in the Vatican is ‘offensive to all Catholics’ June 3, 2021

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RESPONSE across all social media platforms ‘has been overwhelmingly negative’ following the Biden administration’s decision to place a rainbow flag outside its embassy in the Vatican to mark Pride Month.

According to RT  (formerly Russia Today):

Roman Catholics took the flag as an insult, as June is the month they have dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

RT quoted Newsweek editor Josh Hammer as saying:

Difficult to view this as anything other than a deliberate, provocative insult to traditional Catholicism. Not a good look.

Others, said RT, wondered if the same flag was being flown at the US embassies in Muslim countries –  many of which punish homosexuality with death – and questioned the Catholicism of the US President.

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One tweet that amused me came from an enraged former child actor Bug Hall, above, best known for playing Alfalfa Switzer in the 1994 film Little Rascals. He huffed:

Pride goeth before the fall. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. #PrideMonth.

Huffing and Hall – real name  Brandon Hall-Barnett – go together like priests and paedophilia. So much so that last year he actually got arrested for huffing.

According to US Today:

Huffing is a form of substance abuse that involves inhaling fumes and vapors from household substances through the nose or mouth in order to experience a high.

The 35-year-old was taken into custody in Weatherford, Texas after officers responded to a call regarding a possible overdose or poisoning. Individuals informed authorities that there was “someone by the dumpster huffing.”

Pardon me for not taking too seriously moral outrage from a devout Catholic who gets himself fucked up behind a dumpster. Who does he think he is? Moses?

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