[VIDEO] Multitasking

[VIDEO] Multitasking June 13, 2014

We ALL have lots going on. But where do you draw the line? Which side of the fence are you on?

There’s a fine line between multitasking and spinning out of control. [Click to tweet!]

Burnout often happens when we take on too much. Our plates get overloaded, sometimes with good things, and it all starts to spin out of control. That’s when we lose it and start showing signs of burnout. That’s when we feel like it all just… needs. to. stop.

When we get in that state, we lose focus and end up not being effective at anything. That’s why Howard Butt, Jr. tells us in this video how important it is for us to keep focus.

I don’t know about you, but it helps me when I force myself to put distractions (including other important tasks) aside for a bit to stay single-minded on one task at a time. Then I crank that one out until it’s done. Then I jump to the next one, maintaining single-focus on that one too. When I do this in my work, I find that I get more done by the end of the day.

None of us enjoys hitting the burnout stage. Do yourself a favor, and force yourself to keep focus. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks, or none of them will end up getting the attention they deserve.

What works for you? How do you maintain focus, and avoid burnout?


Preventing Burnout

Research shows that those most vulnerable to occupational burnout are individuals who are highly motivated and strongly invested in their work. When work is an important source of finding meaning, frustrations that arise from unmet goals and expectations in the workplace can permeate all of life. This can lead to a general sense of exhaustion, cynicism, and feelings of reduced efficacy. In this series at The High Calling, we’re talking about Preventing Burnout and how faith can make a difference.

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