[VIDEO] How can a mentor help?

[VIDEO] How can a mentor help? July 11, 2014

I was recently talking with one my mentors (in ministry). He asked me what God has been teaching me. The question made me think pertty hard about what I’ve been learning from Him, not just what Ive been doing for Him.

I’ve always been active in ministry. However, whether it’s ministry, work, or personal life, it’s not always about how much you do.

After stepping back and brushing away all of the initial thoughts about things I’ve been doing, I started to see where I was having the greatest impact. It was in the conversations with the people who I mentor. He even complimented me at some point in the conversation about how much growth he sees in the people I mentor. Not only was I seeing the value of good, relational mentoring in the ministry setting, but I was seeing the value of it in other areas of my life.

In fact, when I think of my relationship with him, the thing I find most valuable is the way he encourages me, challenges me, and speaks life into me… as any good mentor should.

Mentoring has never had such an extreme place in my life, and it makes me wish I got this right much earlier.

Everyone should have a good mentor (or a few mentors) in their life. Additionally, everyone should be mentoring someone else. I feel like the growth I’ve experienced personally, professionally, and in ministry has come directly from allowing people to pour into me, AND actively pouring into other people.


Risks and Rewards in the Young Professional Years

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