It’s Official: AMERICAN GODS to run 6 seasons on HBO

It’s Official: AMERICAN GODS to run 6 seasons on HBO June 28, 2013

Drop everything but your pants!

The wonderful bestselling novel by uber-cool novelist Neil Gaiman is now officially in the pipeline for production on HBO, possibly debuting as early as 2013, according to this article from The show will have a budget of $40 million and will rely heavily upon CGI effects.

The novel chronicles a confrontation among ancient gods who have returned to earth in anthropomorphic form and are suffering from a loss of faith within humanity. Interestingly, the novel has been discussed among some contemporary heathens as an inspiring text which has led to a more widespread revival in heathen beliefs, perhaps due to the compelling characterization of Odin.

No announcements have been made yet on possible casting. However, at least one fan has made a stab at at assembling a dream cast.

An update on the production appears here; apparently plans continue apace but it is no longer clear if the show will debut in 2013.

MORE UPDATES as of June 29th, 2013:  This article from Empire Online states the series has been given the green light, but commenters insist Neil Gaiman has said via Twitter that this is uncomfirmed.



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