It’s Official: AMERICAN GODS to run 6 seasons on HBO

It’s Official: AMERICAN GODS to run 6 seasons on HBO June 28, 2013

Drop everything but your pants!

The wonderful bestselling novel by uber-cool novelist Neil Gaiman is now officially in the pipeline for production on HBO, possibly debuting as early as 2013, according to this article from The show will have a budget of $40 million and will rely heavily upon CGI effects.

The novel chronicles a confrontation among ancient gods who have returned to earth in anthropomorphic form and are suffering from a loss of faith within humanity. Interestingly, the novel has been discussed among some contemporary heathens as an inspiring text which has led to a more widespread revival in heathen beliefs, perhaps due to the compelling characterization of Odin.

No announcements have been made yet on possible casting. However, at least one fan has made a stab at at assembling a dream cast.

An update on the production appears here; apparently plans continue apace but it is no longer clear if the show will debut in 2013.

MORE UPDATES as of June 29th, 2013:  This article from Empire Online states the series has been given the green light, but commenters insist Neil Gaiman has said via Twitter that this is uncomfirmed.



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  • Kathy Nance

    I am so, so excited about this! Although I think six seasons/60 or more episodes may be pushing things. I’d hate to see it suffer the same fate as Peter Jackson’s bloated “Hobbit.” I also hope they do well in the casting of Mr. Nancy. Perhaps the venerable Ben Vereen is available . . .

    • Joseph Bloch

      I agree. I loved the book, but six entire seasons is ludicrous.

    • Quill207

      It’s six seasons because he’ll be writing another book for it. And he’ll be adding more scenes that can’t be found in the book. I agree though that it shouldn’t be too long.

      The Hobbit is good as a trilogy movie. The book is just episodic, with lots of things happening in each chapter. The movies also included stuff from LOTR appendices.

  • Teaflax

    You’re basing this on an article that’s two years old. If this were seriously on the books, it’d have made some waves elsewhere by now.

    • PegAloi

      True. I had seen this link on a current news website so assumed it was an update; my mistake. I have edited this to add a more recent update, which says the series is still in the panning stages.

      • Actually, no. Empire Online (your new source) is just a regurgitation of the very same two year old Hollywood Reporter article that the two year old Screenrant article used as a source. Empire simply made, in essence, the same error you did. There’s absolutely no new or accurate information here at all.

        • PegAloi

          I have updated my blog to reflect the information put out by Gaiman himself on Twitter, which several responders have linked to here…

  • slone13
  • GreenEyedLilo

    Dropping everything including my pants! We were considering ditching HBO; this keeps it on!

  • The show hasn’t been formally greenlit, so there’s no way it will debut in 2013.

    Gaiman has also formally denied on Twitter that the show has been greenlit. Based on how HBO usually operates, it’s more likely that HBO will order an off-air pilot (a pilot for internal consumption within the company only), and then about a year later will make a formal decision on whether to proceed to series (greenlighting). From greenlighting to airing will be a year or more. So it’s going to be basically 2 years from the pilot production order, and they still haven’t done the pilot production order yet.

  • wobbles88

    “will rely heavily upon CGI effects.” =/

  • Ian Rennie
  • Dana T.

    This article is completely bogus. Not only do you source an article that is more than a year old, but Neil Gaiman himself says it isn’t true. So…this site just makes stuff up & calls it “news”?

  • PegAloi

    The reference is in fact to modern pagans who refer to their belief system and practice as heathenism.

    • Terra Gazelle

      There are heathens..those from the North, then there are Pagans..
      They have their differences. I am a Pagan, not a Heathen.

  • PegAloi

    Six episodes is barely a mini-series these days.

  • The Flobbit

    I really want this to be true!

  • rashida main

    i like this hbo channl

    HBO airs popular feature films, first-run films, boxing events and sports specials typically
    debuts new movies – with feature films debuting on HBO live streaming within a lag of between eight months to one year on average from their
    initial theatrical release.