Coming this Fall: Daniel Knauf’s DRACULA

Coming this Fall: Daniel Knauf’s DRACULA September 22, 2013

Yes, THAT Daniel Knauf, the one who created HBO’s Carnivale. This new series, starring Jonathan Rhys Myers, looks simply scrumptious, and very racy for NBC. How wonderful that this talented writer and director now has an exciting new project happening after so many Carnivale fans were left bereft…

If you have not seen Carnivale, the big budget, lush, stunning historical drama about a traveling carnival during the Dustbowl/Depression era, you have no idea what dizzy, heady heights television can achieve. Check out the amazing opening sequence, centered upon a number of tarot cards.

The series was rich with psychological and magical symbolism, following two main characters whose inherent natures (good and evil) were challenged by their innate abilities as healers and mesmerists. The show was intense, sexy, disturbing and gorgeous to behold. And did I mention the ongoing pagan imagery?

Dracula promises to be as artful and opulent as Carnivale if the previews are any indication. Knauf himself seems to be very pleased with it, based upon his Twitter feed.

Here is one preview to whet your appetite…




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