Oh, look! Witches are media darlings. AGAIN. (SIGH)

Oh, look! Witches are media darlings. AGAIN. (SIGH) October 27, 2013

Remember the late 1990s? THE CRAFT? Then CHARMED? Then BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? Then THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT? Then all the witchcraft stuff appearing in episodes of shows like THE X-FILES, MILLENNIUM, etc.?

To quote one of the creepier moments of TWIN PEAKS: “It is happening again. It is happening right now.”

Just in time for Hallowe’en. Heh heh heh.

Thanks to The Guardian for pointing out what should have been gradually becoming obvious to most of us these last few weeks. Witches and witchcraft are, once again, hot topics. Sometimes they are even wearing clothes from Hot Topic! Yes, that slinky gothy long black skirt with lacy top and Victorian low-heeled shoes ensemble is once again the fashion (from Nancy in THE CRAFT to Zoe in AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN). The Guardian also points out that these images are…wait for it…empowering to young women!

Scholar Owen Davies, who has written a book on witchcraft in America after Salem, says: “When Buffy and Charmed were at their peak, I would get letters from teenage girls, mainly from America, asking for help about where to look for spells,” says Davies. “Those shows gave teenage girls a feeling of empowerment; there’s something very appealing about magic and witchcraft. There have also been studies of girls who were interested in witch shows in the 1990s, following how many went on to become practising wiccans. It’s not a huge number, but it’s interesting that some of them watched the shows and thought, ‘I want to know more’.”

Interesting…I mean, many of us received such communications from teenage girls, (jeez, I still do!), particularly as the pagan web was just finding its way and offering more places for pagans to network and find information. Now that the current generation of teens is so digitally savvy, will their seeking take on different forms? Instead of surreptitiously borrowing or stealing library books, or joint online discussion forums, will the new Teen Witch Revolution happen on Twitter? Will teens text each other their latest experiences with spells gone awry or plans for the upcoming full moon circle?

Is there an app for that?

I also wonder if the religious backlash that occurred in the wake of the witchcraft and Wicca obsession among teenage girls in the 1990s will rear its head again…then again, we’ve had more young adult fiction about witches since then (some might say, far too much of it).

The Harry Potter series survived the accusations of Satanic recruitment, so I’d guess the growing crop of novels about witches that are soon to be made into films will become exceedingly popular and rise above the silliness as well. Maybe witches will become ore acceptable as topics for narrative drama. Or maybe extreme shows like AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN will plant seeds of fear and paranoia similar to those sown in the late 1960s and 1970s (with horror films that dealt with the occult, like ROSEMARY’S BABY, THE OMEN, or made-for-TV movies like THE INITIATION OF SARAH), which eventually helped fuel the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. Let’s hope not.

That said, it will definitely be interesting to see how the religious right and the media establishment will react to this “new” cultural obsession.


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  • Robert Bickle

    hour ago


    I am a survivor of satanic
    ritual abuse and witches are the culprit of the attacks. I worked for the
    school of Wicca for 11 years that back up my experience of the occult world.
    Its headquarters was in New Bern, NC for years but fled to Hinton, WV after
    almost being revealed who they actually are, Satanists. They promote themselves
    by stating they are not Satanists and the third degree witch are the only ones
    who know they are Satanists while using the first & second degree witch as
    pawns to reinforce their proclamation of “not Satanists”. I fell for
    it too but woke up once I removed myself from it only to be harassed by other
    so called good witches. The ‘In it harm none, do as you will” only applies
    to other third degree witches! (It is useless to attack another third degree
    witch.) It’s all a lie to bring out the religion of Satan, period. There are
    two religions. Christianity belonging to God and Jesus IS THE one true path to
    the one true GOD, like it or not. The other is witchcraft belonging to Satan
    and all the evil and abominations that are mentioned in the BIBLE! are what all
    witches promote to the ignorant to make their lies accepted as truth. All other
    religions are spin offs of one or the other and the correct way to God is
    through His son, Jesus whom witches detest as I also discovered while observing
    them, listening to them cut Him down and even demons know He is real and
    believe in Him. So before judging the Bible’s authority, apply it, live it, and
    experience it for yourselves rather than accepting the witches many deceptions
    of lies, if Satan will let you. We live now in one of the most spiritual wars
    ever. The Bible tells you how to gain victory in the true love of God over this
    religion of rage, witchcraft, though promoted in ‘love’- a false image of it!
    Who do you think keeps everyone from reading the Bible? Satan does of course,
    for he knows it is the Word of God to which he even must obey and does not want
    you to know the Word of God or else you will get better from all his sicknesses
    and diseases one suffers from today. One of the most conjured demonic emotions
    on the loose today is depression/melancholy AND RAGE/ANGER, to which is
    actually the true foundation in the lessons of the school of Wicca’s courses of witchcraft and sorcery
    and the Bible states about deceit and lies witches are in Acts 13:6-12 and
    their demise is found in Isaiah 47:1-15. The ‘fire’ is definitely correct when
    the Bible states, NIV, “this is not a fire to sit by”, it is the fire
    of God Himself that He can only do, though Satan imitates God and manipulates
    all of God’s Word to fit his desires to conquer souls for his Kingdom and to
    use to ‘quiet traitors’ who he thinks belongs to him but does not. Two kingdoms
    are at war: Kingdom of God verses the Kingdom of Satan and each individual has
    his own God given WILL power to choose his destiny, for God will not interfere
    at all with your will to serve Jesus or Lucifer/Satan. This is a decision you
    choose, yourself. You will see all the evil God has revealed to mankind
    associated to Satan and all His promises to come upon those who accept His son
    before John 16 occurs. Will you choose wisely? Only if you allow your will
    power to connect with Jesus Christ to be saved- your choice and I wouldn’t let
    any more lies from any witch make this decision for you or peer pressure. Apply
    the Bible either for its goodness or its wickedness, your choice again that is
    mentioned in the Bible and decide for yourself WHAT IS & ISN’T TRUE! It IS
    that simple and you don’t have to be persuaded any more. Satan WILL keep the
    ignorant from reading the Bible, it’s his best scheme even I subjected myself
    to until I became strong enough to say, “I’ve had ENOUGH!”…. Don’t
    let others or peer pressures allow you to make YOUR decision because if YOU
    look closely enough spiritually, YOU will see it is THEIR decision THEY have
    made for YOU… I have been up against BOTH. Jesus Christ was my victory,
    period. Apply HIS WORD! Then accept its TRUTH or deny it but if denied, Satan
    got you again and is the best liar and deceiver you will ever encounter, not
    peer pressure. Peer pressure is one of his many schemes too…. Good luck and
    best wishes in YOUR OWN SEARCH FOR TRUTH and not someone else’s truth…
    Witches do not want you to know they ‘glorify’ Satan/Lucifer/Antichrist by
    using his power to gain souls for his Kingdom through Mind Control. Just like a
    child being scolded by his/her parent for wrong doings, after a while that
    child will accept the truth it was wrong and the same applies. Repetition of
    subliminal words, rituals, idols used as charms, etc. are all potent
    ingredients used by any devil within the witch the witch has as a spirit guide
    to bring about deceptive change in one’s life until their death occurs. Anger,
    rage, depression/melancholy, indifference, irritability, impatience,
    disappointment, LUST/(sexual), Depression/Melancholy, Serenity-(false image),
    Loyalty-(false image), Aesthetic love-(false image), Mother love/Father too,
    (false image) are all evil emotions witches either use to bring harm upon
    another or used to ‘hide’ behind to gain trust or used to cause discord/chaos
    in family line hence the emotion Mother love. The depression/melancholy is the
    biggest one to watch for since it causes one to kill either through
    suicide/homicide or both, hence the Sandy Hook murders in Connecticut. The
    mother was eliminated also by this Raging Demon within the killer while suffering
    from a form of depression within the killer also. Demons do come in quantity to
    kill in this magnitude… Witches pervert the Bible for power to gain followers
    just as Satan perverted Scripture to Jesus to gain Him as a follower but failed
    to do so…

    • PegAloi

      I hope some people get to view this quickly because it’s being deleted today. No proselytizing is allowed on my blog.