I’m looking for 20 students

I’m looking for 20 students May 6, 2016

We’re coming up on Eternity Bible College’s second year in Boise, and I’m excited about the studentsClassroom-Photo God is going to bring our way. I’m particularly thrilled since as of this week, Eternity Bible College is now, officially, no doubt, yes it’s true—FULLY ACCREDITED! That’s right, folks. After 9 long years of pursuing accreditation, we’ve finally received a two thumbs up from our accrediting body (ABHE). There’s never been a better time to come to EBC! (Apply HERE.)

As I’ve been thinking and dreaming and praying about our future, the number “20 students” keeps coming into my mind. I’m not sure if this is significant, but it just so happens that my assistant, Lance Hancock, has also been praying for the Fall semester and he too has been praying for 20 students.

20 students.

We’re looking for 20 students to come to EBC Boise to deepen their knowledge of God’s word and become enflamed to further God’s reign over the nations.

One of the great things about teaching at Eternity Bible College is our teacher-to-student ratio. On average, we have about 10 students for every faculty, and some classes are as low as 5 students to 1 faculty. This means that our method of education is deeply relational and authentic—the way Christian education should be. We don’t put a cap on enrollment; whoever is accepted is welcome. But I personally would love it if we had 20 new students for this next semester in Boise.

I’m not asking you to come for 4 years or even 2 years. You can come for as long as you want, and we have several 2 and 4 year degree options. But I would love it if 20 students would come to Boise for 9 months for our Certificate in Transformational Leadership. This certificate has been designed for people who don’t want to become vocational, full-time pastors or missionaries. It’s designed for Christians—all Christians. Christians who want to become doctors and baristas and bartenders and artists and musicians and graphic designers. Christians who want to…you know…be a Christian in all areas of life.

Think about it. If you’re a Christian, your primary vocation is not to make a lot of money and build a white-picket fence around your suburban castle. It’s to be a disciple-maker, a culture-shaper, a kingdom builder. And you don’t need to be a pastor of a church to do this. You just need to be filled with God’s Spirit and a passion for the gospel—the good news that penetrates all areas of life.

20 students.

In Boise.

For 9 months.

We’ll learn together. Eat together. Drink together. We’ll hang out at my house and you’ll stay too late, and I’ll love it. We’ll study, ask hard questions, confess sin, pray, seek, teach, live, learn, and enjoy God’s bountiful creation.

20 students.

9 months.

Join me as we seek to turn the world upside-down for Christ (Acts 17:6). Apply now HERE.

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