Can Traditionalists & Progressives Unite with Different LGBTQ Theologies?

Can Traditionalists & Progressives Unite with Different LGBTQ Theologies? July 3, 2014

For a long time I’ve been discouraged by how the conversation between traditionalists and progressives goes when it comes to LGBTQ inclusion. Name calling in both directions has led to polarizing results.

This, of course, is no different then the religious rhetoric wars of the past. For the most part, physical violence isn’t involved (with the exception of radical fundamentalists who have killed LGBTQ folks – actions condemned by both sides of the debate), but Christian still can’t get enough of controversy and war – be it metaphorical.

Today I published an article with the Convergent Books blog. I start out with a troubling story that illustrates my big idea. Then, I state:

Some in the conservative church would be more comfortable doing an interfaith service project with those not claiming to follow Jesus than serving alongside a church that is ‘open and affirming.’ We can’t serve with those people – they are spreading a false gospel!

Similarly, some progressives would rather vilify traditionalists as bigots than appreciate their longing to be theologically consistent. Their views (yes, there’s diversity in the traditionalist camp) are derived from beliefs they feel are faithful to Jesus. Even though it leads to conclusions such as requiring LGBTQ celibacy, it seems that progressives do well to respect their opponents’ commitment to Christ.

In order to actually get the context of what this article is about, you will need to head over to Convergent Books to get the full context. Feel free to comment over there and I’ll interact as I’m able over the next couple of days!

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