How Do You Witch Every Day?

How Do You Witch Every Day? January 20, 2019

Phoenix and I were chatting the other morning about our witchcraft practices. Even though we’re in a coven together, and circle in the same traditions, our personal praxes do differ quite a bit. We discussed the ways we witch every day. We found it fascinating, learning (or remembering) what each of us does regularly to connect to our witchcraft.

Being curious types, we reached out to a few friends and asked them to cite, off the top of their head, two or three simple ways they witch every day.

Phoenix Lefae – A Witch Every Day

I make coffee every morning. Really, that’s it. However, I do it with intention. I have a special mug that I have consecrated as one of my magickal tools that I drink from. I have a single pour over coffee maker and I take my time with each step of coffee preparations.

As I go through the motions I am setting my intentions for the day. I often tidy up the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil. When my coffee is ready I drink with awareness and intention. Calling in what I want to achieve that day.

Gwion Raven – Do I witch Every Day?

I had to really think about this question even though I was the one to pose it. There’s not much separation between my magical and mundane lives. But there very specific witch activities I do every day. Every morning I make myself a cup of tea and drink it slowly. I imagine the day ahead, the projects, the chores, the meals I’ll cook, and picture myself content at the end of the day, looking back on everything I’ve completed. I suppose it’s a manifestation spell of sorts. Secondly, I cook. Cooking for me is a magical practice. As a kitchen witch, nothing is more important than providing delicious meals, chock full of magical intentions. Lastly, I say “I love you” to at least one person (usually Phoenix). I want my world to be filled with love. Sappy I know, but there you have it.

Tea & Coffee. Part of our every Day witchcraft. CCO Pixabay

Jason Mankey – Making Offerings Every Day

I leave offerings for at least one deity a day. I take time to look outside and feel awe at it all. And I mutter, at a minimum, a couple of prayers. I don’t see writing or reading as Witch things, they are things about Witchcraft, but aren’t Witchcraft per se.

You can read more of Jason Mankey’s thoughts at his Patheos Blog Raise The Horns

Astrea Taylor – How I Witch Every Day

Every day, I choose a few tarot cards and talk with various spirits. Then, I use my intuition about the day’s energy to choose jewelry, clothing, and essential oil for whatever energy I need.

I gaze up at the sky too, and really feel the energy of the weather.

You can read more of Astrea Taylor’s musing at her Patheos Blog Starlight Witch

Drawing a tarot card every day

Misha Magdalene – Polishing The Mirror Every Day

In Feri, we’re taught that each human being has three souls: the soul of the body, the soul of the mind, and the spark of the numinous within each of us. Much of my practice as a witch centers around nurturing my souls, and developing the relationships between them.

As for what that looks like: I work to inhabit my body fully, as a home and a sacred vessel, rather than driving it around like a vehicle, and I pay attention to the ways in which the needs and desires of my body inform my thoughts and emotions.

I exercise my mind through reading, conversation, and meditation, engaging with ideas that educate me and inspire me, giving my thoughts something to measure and sharpen themselves against… and, occasionally, to struggle with. I breathe into my spirit, reaching out consciously to maintain my connection with all three souls and, through them, with God Herself: the divine matrix of all creation we call the Star Goddess.

This all might sound pretty mystical or mundane, but in practice it’s just an attempt at living life mindfully and with connection. On a good day, I fall short ten times as often as I succeed, but the point isn’t success. The point is the work… the Great Work, as some call it, the work of polishing the mirror in which we look upon the face of God Herself.

You can read more from Misha Magdalene at their Patheos Blog Outside The Charmed Circle

Heron Michelle – Mama Moon, Coffee, And Loving My Cats Every Day

At night I go outside to tell Mama Moon that she’s beautiful. Then, every morning I get up early and make the coffee. I sit in my favorite spot in the window looking out at the Guardian tree that shades my temple space. There, I meditate, focusing my intentions for the day and calling whatever energies I’ll need into the coffee.

As I drink it slowly in the silence, I watch the birds and squirrels, and reconnect to this middle world both within and without.

I breathe and stretch and tune-up my shielding visualizations. I prayerfully converse with the Powers that Be, journal, and love on my cats. There really is no separation between the magickal and mundane if I can manage to remain mindful of these connections. When I’ve got my head on straight, everything I do is witchcraft.

You can read more of Heron Michelle’s thoughts at her Patheos Blog Witch On Fire

There you have it folks. Not a demon was conjured or a curse thrown. Mostly, simple prayers, a few moments set aside each day, and a hot beverage in the morning.

So how do you witch every day?



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