October 24, 2020

Spiral lessons are all about leveling up and the new insights we receive. These revelations can enhance many areas of our lives, including our magical practices. Read more

October 22, 2020

Whenever someone I love passes from this world, part of me travels through the underworld with them.  These twisting, dark journeys mirror the stages of grief. Eventually, they help me move on, back to the land of the living. Read more

October 14, 2020

Witchy ambience videos have created a magical atmosphere in my home. These free videos can be used for relaxation, to create a special vibe, for writing, reading, trick-or-treaters, and even for magical workings. Read more

October 4, 2020

If the world pushes back on your magical intention, see this as an opportunity to work through the problem instead of a sign that your magic didn’t work. Read more

September 29, 2020

Samhain season gives us the opportunity to work more closely with our ancestors. One of my favorite recent practices is healing ancestral trauma and wounds in dreams. Read more

September 28, 2020

When I do energy work and magic, I can feel when my intentions are accepted into the world. It feels like something is clicking into place. Read more

September 3, 2020

The “inner goddess” movement is selling a different kind of paganism, one that was fostered by the author of 50 Shades of Gray. But what is the inner goddess exactly? And can it be confused with other inner feelings? Read more

August 22, 2020

The Magical Writing Grimoire by Lisa Marie Basile is a gorgeous book.  It inspires deep, energetic healing and magic through easily accessible writing prompts. Read more

August 13, 2020

Whenever I feel low, the best remedy is to just do something–even better is doing something magical. Here are my top 12 tips on how to shift your stuck energy.  Read more

August 10, 2020

During the pandemic, bookstores closed their doors for several months. At the same time, many books on paganism and witchcraft were published. This article contains a list of pagan books published during the pandemic as well as thoughts from a pandemic author. Read more

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