July 3, 2019

A lot of people say we shouldn’t do any magical workings on an eclipse, but I’ve had such great success with them. Even though the energy can be a little chaotic at times, I’ve found ways of navigating around it to harness the intense power of an eclipse to my will. Read more about my methods here. Read more

June 26, 2019

There’s something about the word that makes it seems as if it came from someone outside of an eclectic practice.  The word seems lifeless and clinical, as if an anthropologist came up with it to describe my spirituality.  So, I decided to write an article about what it’s like to be an eclectic from the inside. Read more

June 24, 2019

Taking a walk, as a witch, is a wonderful spiritual practice in and of itself. If you’ve never taken one, put this on your list of things to accomplish by the end of the week. Read more

June 13, 2019

Plant allies help witches and pagans work by providing corresponding energies. But do you know where you can find Black Pine in your neighborhood? What about Burdock? If you work with the energy of plants, it’s a good idea to become more aware of what plants are in your area. Here are a few ideas to get you on the path to ally with plants. Read more

May 31, 2019

Intuitive Witchcraft is one of the many forms of Eclectic Witchcraft, except it focuses more on intuition, energy awareness, and working with the energy to create magic, or the change you wish to see in the world. How can it be used in a practice or ritual? Read on for the answers to these questions and more. Read more

May 30, 2019

How important is it to be well-read on pagan/occult history? Many younger witches and pagans are thirsty for knowledge, but they want something accessible and current. In my humble opinion, you don’t have to be well-read on pagan history to be a good pagan/witch.  Read more

May 27, 2019

There’s a big difference between wishing for something to happen and witching for it to happen.  An example of wishcraft is someone who calls themselves a witch and desires change, but doesn’t do much about it.  Many wishcrafters do nothing at all, while others do low-impact activities such as meditation, making their energy resonate at a higher frequency, and doing manifestation work, like treasure maps.  In other words, witch-light. Wishcraft is something I know a lot about, having grown up in… Read more

May 20, 2019

You can manifest on the third quarter moon and banish on a waxing crescent as long as you have the most important ingredient for any magical work. Don’t wait for moon cycles. Empower yourself to do the work when it needs to be done. Read more

May 10, 2019

Let’s hear it for all the magical moms out there!  Whether they birthed you as a biological mom, or acted as a midwife to your blossoming spirit, these ‘mothers’ are the people who have earned our appreciation and love.  Happy Magical Mothers’ Day! Read more

May 3, 2019

For a long time, the patriarchy has held sway over much of our political and moral climate. That is all changing. Lately, the phrase “witches versus the patriarchy” has been popping up everywhere. Witches are doing it for themselves. Read more

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