31 Ways To Celebrate Samhain

31 Ways To Celebrate Samhain October 3, 2019

I’m going to promise you three things, right from the start. 1) You will not have to hit “next” or view this on multiple pages. 2) I’m providing the suggestions, you can choose to do with them what you will 3) If you want more of an explanation about any one of the 31 ways to celebrate Samhain, I’ll respond to your comments.


Here we go, and in no particular order:

31 Ways To Celebrate Samhain

  1. Make a Samhain Altar and display it somewhere you’ll see it every day.
  2. Cook a dish your ancestors would love to eat and tell someone why your ancestors would love it.
  3. Set a place at the table for your beloved dead and invite them to stay a while.
  4. Binge watch your favourite witch/pagan related movies or TV shows.
  5. Read one book about witchcraft or your particular brand of Paganism (listening to a book totally counts).
  6. Start a conversation with someone who is dead. Could be a family member or a person in your magickal lineage.
  7. Visit a cemetery.
  8. Attend a public Samhain ritual.
  9. Host a private Samhain ritual (invite at least one other living person).
  10. Throw a Samhain ritual for yourself.
  11. Do that spell you’ve been putting off…yes, that one. Now is the time.
  12. Write or update your will.
  13. If you can, talk to that person you did wrong by. It’s not too late.
  14. Wear stripey socks and/or a pointy black hat.
  15. Go outside and bathe yourself in the full moonlight.
  16. Howl or cackle with the moon at least once.
  17. Charge your magickal tools in the moonlight.
  18. Ask your ancestors, gods, land spirits, or guides for advice and then listen to it.
  19. Carve a pumpkin, even if you live by yourself or haven’t done it in years.
  20. Put your bare hands or feet in the soil and remember you are of the earth.
  21. Clean your cauldron. Season it, if it’s cast iron.
  22. Look at pictures of friends, lovers, family members, or furry companions that have gone. Laugh, cry, and remember them well.
  23. Dress a black candle with your favourite oils and herbs and light it on Samhain.
  24. Look up the word “Cthonic”.
  25. Read the “Descent of Inanna”. It’s not about Samhain, but it is about life, death, and rebirth.
  26. Do divination to see what the next 12 months might hold for you (tarot, scrying, runes, bones, bibliomancy, whatever you like).
  27. On Samhain night, let go of one thing that’s holding you back.
  28. Go to the Samhuinn Fire Festival, in Edinburgh Scotland.
  29. Magickally cleanse yourself. Take an herb bath or shower, walk through smoke, sprinkle yourself.
  30. Read this article by The Tea Addicted Witch. It moved me to tears.
  31. Sit around a bonfire. If you’re with other folk, tell stories about your ancestors, or how you became a witch, or invoke Black Phillip, or quaff a few hearty ales or cups of hot chocolate.

31 Ways To Celebrate Samhain (The 32nd Way)

There’s one last way to celebrate Samhain. Be really kind to yourself. There’s a reason I say this. Lots of folk I know are stressed, outraged, worried, and generally hard on themselves for some reason. Newsflash: Life is short and before you know it we’ll all be ancestors. Put something you’re holding onto down. Treat yourself to a full size chocolate bar. Laugh at yourself  and laugh with friends. Dance with your dead and revel with your weird (wyrd) self.


Let me know how you get on with the list.

Blessings of Samhain to you and yours.



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