Musings on the march: DJT, the people speak

Musings on the march: DJT, the people speak January 22, 2017
What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.
Everyone is listening to you now. ~DJT inaugural speech, Jan. 20, 2017

The people speak at the Austin TX march
Austin, TX, January 21, 2017.

We took him seriously. We spoke. Millions and millions of us. Probably not the people DJT had in mind when he wrote his speech, but that is too bad. We’re speaking. We expect to be heard. We’re taking over.

I participated in the March in Austin, TX. Our combined presence represented the largest protest in history, dwarfing the sparse crowd at the actual inaugural. Even though the DJT’s  propaganda machine tried to explain it away, we, who will seek out as much truth as possible, know what happened.

For the propaganda story, use this link. This is an annotated copy of the Press Secretary’s bombastic announcement to the press corps yesterday. Be sure and click on the highlighted sentences to see the commentary.

For the real news, go to any reputable news source. Fox News, I understand, refused to report on this historic protest, displaying for the world to see their unconscionable bias.

But I Marched

But I marched. I fought my claustrophobia, my intense dislike almost to the point of fear of big crowds, and my hatred of using portable toilets. I had to fight off rising panic about getting separated from family especially since I drove to Austin, a city pretty unfamiliar to me, for the March. Within just a few minutes of entering the Capital grounds, there was no long cell-phone reception available.

But I marched.

I marched first as a follower of Jesus. I wanted to do my part to protest the growing indifference to the powerless. I chose to protest the sexual and racial divides that this past traumatic election year surfaced in such dramatic and graphic fashion.

I went to stand up for those in poverty who will very likely lose what little government support they get to make their lives bearable under this new regime.

I believe that the Lord of Lords who was willing to touch the leper and the unclean woman, to heal the sick and eat with sinners, would have done precisely the same.

I marched second as a reader of history. Strains of incipient Nazism and Christian militarism sprang forth from DJT’s inaugural speech. Read the whole thing. Look for yourself. These are scary words.

I marched third as a woman. I am sick of women needing to defend themselves constantly from the sexually predatory male, of which DJT is a prime example. I am tired of being the prey creature. I am fully human and deserve to be treated like one. So does every other woman on this planet. The kind of patriarchism that permeates our governmental structure must end.

The people ask: did we elect a treasonous presidentI marched fourth as a human being who is tired of the unending web of lies that surrounds DJT. If he is genuinely free of Russian influence, there is one sure way to let us all know: release his tax returns and let the US public get a full view of his debt and business entanglements. We deserve that information. His refusal to comply with this basic request shouts loudly of his perfidy. Multiple signs at the Austin March displayed concern that we have elected a Trump/Putin ticket, not Trump/Pence.

The Power is Ours to Take

Now, since I am choosing to believe that DJT spoke his heart in that inaugural speech, which he said he wrote himself, I am taking the power he promised.

Washington no longer calls the shots. Every elected official is the servant of the people, not their master. And those words apply just as thoroughly to DJT as they do to any other elected official.

DJT, you are my servant. You are the servant of this entire US. You are the servant of every single person who showed up to march, to protest the growing injustices, to question your integrity, to wonder to what extent this nation has elected both a treasonous man and to what extent we have elected one whose main goal is to become richer at our expense.

Nope. You don’t get to do that anymore. You stated it: we, the people, are in charge.

So . . . Release your tax returns and make full disclosure of all foreign investments and income sources. Get rid of white supremacist whisperer-in-chief Steven Bannon. Pull your nomination of Betsy Devos.

Those are my orders for the day. Never forget, you are now the public servant, not the anointed King. Get to work. Toe the line. The time for accountability to your words has come.

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  • Helen

    Thank you Christy ~ for your willingness to march and for your willingness to speak up and demand DJT gives life to his words!

  • scott stone

    Here’s a little misogyny for you. A male supporter and fellow marcher spit on a women from Students for Life of America who was participating in the march.

  • Mary Guercio

    Well stated. To which I offer this link to a “We the People Petition” to one DJT regarding the release of his tax returns. Since his surrogate flatly stated he would not release his returns because “the people” aren’t interested in that, an enterprising soul drafted a petition on the website and, voila, here it is for all to sign:

  • Robin Shope Jansen

    BRAVO! I stand with these words.

  • Linda Coleman Allen

    Christy, thank you for marching for me and many other women like me. To overcome your own phobias was a great difficulty and I am very grateful. Our country is indeed in trouble when a president openly treats his own wife like a servant and shows her no respect. You marched because you had the RIGHT TO MARCH, and because you don’t want our rights lost and trampled on by ungodly people. And because YOU LOVE THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. And YOU LOVE GOD.