Dealing with Autistic Sensory Issues at Mass

Dealing with Autistic Sensory Issues at Mass October 10, 2019

Following in my series of videos on autism and Catholicism, today I address issues surrounding Mass. The experience of Mass can be a horrible sensory experience for autistics. I want to present some ideas on how both autistics and parishes can overcome these issues.

Autistics at Mass

In the video, I talk about various ways we autistics can deal with sensory issues at Mass. I note specific Masses that can help, strategies for autistics, and when sensory issues exempt one from their Sunday obligation.

This video covers the basics regarding getting to Mass as an autistic Catholic. We all need the Eucharist regularly. Jesus asks us this commitment of coming to say “I love you” each Sunday. I think most of these would apply more-or-less to my Orthodox or Protestant brethren (obviously comments about Latin Mass don’t really apply).

  1. Some Masses are specifically designed to be sensory-friendly, while other Masses can be more sensory-friendly than the standard parish Sunday Mass.
  2. When trying to manage ou sensory issues, we should be realistic about our sensory environment and not try to be supermen or superwomen. We need to go to Mass calm and use what we need like stim toys or headphones discretely.
  3. The obligation to go to Mass does not apply when impossible. If you try to avoid it, but still have a meltdown or shutdown just before Mass, the obligation to attend Mass no longer applies, just like if we have a cold.

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Looking Forward to More Autistic Priest Videos

I often record videos in batches. I think about several videos, and take rough notes, then I record them all in one day. This is the last one in this batch and would love suggestions for topics for future videos. Please message me on Facebook or Twitter with suggestions. I have some ideas but want to serve my fellow autistics and what your concerns are.

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