12 Amazing March for Life 2020 Signs & 7 Nice Baby Yoda MFL Signs

12 Amazing March for Life 2020 Signs & 7 Nice Baby Yoda MFL Signs January 25, 2020

Thousands and thousands marched on Washington today to protect the right to life of the most vulnerable, the unborn. In recent years, I have gone and taken photos of the best signs but this year that was not possible. However, people were willing to share their great March for Life signs. There were many great Baby Yoda signs but they are all near the end. All images are used with permission and all I have done is sometimes cropped them. The links below each picture lead back to the source.

An Unborn Baby is More than a Clump of Cells

Mommy's Favorite "Clump of Cells"
Image: Jennifer S. Bryson (@brysonjs) – used with permission. Emoji (because the girl is so young): Emoji One on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Abortion Discriminates Against the Disabled (Ableism)

63% of disabled aborted
Carole Novielli (@CaroleNovielli) – used with permission

Healthcare Doesn’t kill People

Healthcare doesn't kill people so it isn't healthcare
Lauren Enriquez (@LNEnriquez) – Used with permission

 You Don’t Need to Give Up the Baby – Cardi B

Cardi B song lyrics
Paul Gillam (@oooh_gillam) – used with permission

A Disability Should Not Be a Death Sentance

Protecting Down Syndrome Babies
March for Life (@March_for_Life) -used with permission
Killed for failing a test
St. Ann Catholic Church (@SaintAnnDC) – used with permission

Happy Abortions are Fake News

Abortions are painful and we should keep everyone from that difficulty if possible.

Happy Abortions Are Fake News
Townhall Media (@townhallcom) – used with permission

Bacteria is Life, What About a Heartbeat?

Like on Mars
CatholicVote.org (@CatholicVote) – used with permission

Life Has to Begin at Conception

If life doesn't begin at conception?
March for Life (@March_for_Life) – used with permission

The Circumstances of Your Conception Don’t Lessen Your Value

Conceived in rape
Denise Di Paolo (@DeniseAmalia) – used with permission

Get Rid of Legal Abortion

Impeach abortion now
Carol Zimmermann (@carolmaczim) – used with permission

Pro-Life = Pro-Woman

Pro-life because I'm pro-woman
GSOCareCenter (@GSOCareCenter) -used with permission

Now, for Almost Overkill of Baby Yoda March For Life Signs

Judge me by my size
Rachel del Guidice (@LRacheldG) – used with permission

Someone else had the same idea with different execution.

Size matters not
Christine Rousselle (@crousselle) -used with permission

Choose life, you should

Abort Not Choose Life
Ed. Condon (@canonlawyered) – used with permission

Another copycat…

Choose life, you should
Tristan Justice (@JusticeTristan) – used with permission

Pretty Direct

Christine Rousselle (@crousselle) – used with permission

This Way to Protect Babies

Protect the Child: This Way
Tristan Justice (@JusticeTristan) – sed with permission

Final Sign

Baby Yoda is Pro-life
Christine Rousselle (@crousselle) – used with permission

There were many other good signs but these were the best I saw who got back to me allowing me to use their photo in time.

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