Bible Storytime with Fr. Matthew: Reading the Passion for Kids

Bible Storytime with Fr. Matthew: Reading the Passion for Kids April 7, 2020

With most people in quarantine for Holy Week, I was seeing a bunch of initiatives to help various groups to live it. I noticed nothing for the age of most of my nephews and nieces so I decided to help them out. Since I was recording a video for three nephews and a niece, I figured I could make it public so long as I didn’t say to hello to them by name. (I respect the privacy of my family members who are far less public than I am.) The result is Bible Storytime with Fr. Matthew. Every day during Holy Week at about 2 pm eastern, I stream a short bible reading on my Periscope. I upload it to this YouTube playlist soon after. The target audience is about 4-7. I’m using the Gospel of Matthew as that is the liturgical year.

Each reading is about a dozen verses with us reading the resurrection on Easter Sunday. Here is the outline:

  1. Matthew 21:1-11 – Entry to Jerusalem.
  2. Matthew 26:17-29 – Last Supper.
  3. 26:36-47, 55-56 – Gethsemane.
  4. 26:69-75 – Peter’s denial.
  5. 27:1-2,11-24 -Trail with Pilate.
  6. 27:32-44 – Way of the Cross.
  7. 27:44-55 – Death on the Cross.
  8. 28:1-10 – Resurrection.

I hope this helps some of you teach the little ones about the passion. I try to make it a kind of storytime and regularly ask questions or employ my statuettes.

You can already view the first three online if you want to show your kids or sample.

Please join me daily on Periscope or YouTube for more Bible Storytime with Fr. Matthew. I hope this helps little kids become friends of Jesus. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

Note: my community could definitely use some financial help and I make no money from posting these videos for you. Thus, I would appreciate Patreon donations.

Still from Bible Storytime with Fr. Matthew 1
Still from Bible Storytime with Fr. Matthew 1: Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem

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